Now the cartel members are asking for asylum

If there's any proof the asylum system is a mess, take a look at who's getting in on "credible fear" reasons from the Center for Immigration Studies:

KVOA News 4, the Tucson NBC affiliate, has reported on a June 10, 2019, gun battle that took place across the border from Douglas, Ariz., in Agua Prieta, Sonora, Mexico. That gun battle apparently involved an internal dispute among members of the Sinaloa drug cartel and, by the end, almost 12 people had died. A gun battle directly across the border from the United States in which almost a dozen people were killed would be shocking enough.

One passage in that report, however, underscores the biggest difficulty the United States faces in securing its Southwest border: "Sources told News 4 Tucson four cartel members showed up at the port of entry asking for asylum and claimed 'credible fear'."

Given the low standard, the regrettable thing is that those cartel members likely were found to have a credible fear of persecution and/or torture.

So now it's not just welfare-seekers getting in on the credible fear argument; it's the cartels they pay to get them in.  And once those brutal thugs get into fights among themselves, whether it's over alien-smuggling profits, drug routes, or cheap little whores, the losing party has rights to enter the U.S. to seek asylum as a consolation prize, citing perfectly logically the credible fear of torture, beheading, being dropped into acid pots, being run over alive over and over by semi-trucks, being fed to pigs and buried in the desert, or being strung up naked by one foot from the local bridges.  Technically, they would likely have more credible fear than anyone else applying for asylum, and by leftist logic, that would put them at the front of the queue.

The problem is, that is exactly whom we don't want in this country.  These people made a lifestyle choice to join the cartels, lived by the cartel's code, followed its rules and brutalities themselves, and made a lot of illegal money from drugs and alien-smuggling — so for anyone to stop them from staying here (assuming they show up for their court dates), they'd have to prove every crime these lowlifes had ever committed.  That's rather a lot to ask, particularly since the court dates are years down the line.  In the meantime, these cartel members who made life miserable in Mexico now get to stay here, walk among us, and keep on doing whatever it was they've been doing.

Democrats and their media allies are unlikely to cite these people as the asylum claims grow and they continue to resist any reform of immigration or asylum law.  They'd just rather have these guys in than allow any chance that President Trump secures the U.S. border.