The debates: Democrat contempt for America and Americans laid bare

If there were ever two evenings that exposed the economic idiocy of the Democratic Party, it was both debate nights.  Every single candidate promises a wish list of free things for all, including a $1,000-a-month income (Yang) courtesy of the government.  College will be free; health care will be free, even for illegal aliens; abortion will be free on demand; student debt will be erased; etc.  Not one of them explains where all this money will come from; perhaps they think they can just print it.  They always claim that it will come from the undeserving rich, but it never does.  There are not near enough rich people to plunder for that much money.  It would be extracted from middle-class taxpayers, as Bernie Sanders admitted, because that is where the most money is.  Like all socialists, they mean to take from people who work and provide for those who do not work or produce.  Every one of them is as economically illiterate as Ocasio-Cortez, but they are all old enough to know better.  It was a pathetic display of ignorance and shameless pandering.  They still think the American people are easily manipulated with their bluster.  But then the moderators are themselves well known leftists who have worked hard every day of their lives since 2015 to defeat Trump and promote impeachment.  For what should he be impeached?  Because they are mad that he won.

And if there was ever an evening that made American citizens double down on protecting their Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms, it was hearing all of them talk about abrogating that right.  They all clearly believe that law-abiding citizens should not own guns.  It is perennially lost on them that criminals will always have guns and without them, good people have no means to defend themselves.  Given the historical fact that every tyranny on the planet began by confiscating guns — Hitler, Mao, Chávez — we should all be very afraid if any one of these people is elected.  Each one of them would, they make clear, immediately embark on the path every tyrant of the past took on his way to genocide and socialist devastation, like what is now happening in Venezuela.  Starving one's people is a form of genocide, is it not? 

There were very few challenging questions.  Elizabeth Warren was not asked about her fake American Indian ancestry.  They were not asked about their support of infanticide.  Not one of them was asked about his anti-Israel sentiment.  All of them but Delaney want to take away our private health insurance but not give up their own.  Biden was not asked about his son's multi-million-dollar "businesses" in Ukraine and China.  Buttigeig was only gently asked about his race problem in South Bend, and he demurred.  He fired his city's first black police chief.  His "thing" is attacking Christians who he assumes are homophobic; he never offers any evidence.  Being gay may help him with one identity community, but he has a race problem with another.  He is no more popular in South Bend than the Che-loving de Blasio is in New York.  Neither of them is remotely prepared to be president.

They all are abjectly committed to the hoax that is climate alarmism, which proves that all of them are a bit dim, ignorant of science, and subject to mass hypnosis.  If any one of them knows better, he is too afraid to say so.  Only Biden had the guts to say the U.S. is not the problem with regard to CO2 emissions, but he still thinks we should pay for the pollutants of other nations, like China and India!  Even that was a brave thing to do.  But then he got raked over the coals by Harris on the busing issue.  Talk about old news.  She lied about her own experience; her Berkeley district was not segregated.  Forced busing was a terrible solution to a very real problem in the early 1970s.  Biden was right to oppose the program; it was awful for all involved.  Harris claimed she was one of those kids bused and almost tearfully claims to have benefited, but her mother was an academic.  It's doubtful she would have ever attended a school of which her mother did not approve.  Busing was a classic case of big government's good intentions having disastrous results.  Some kids spent four hours on buses each day!

Bernie Sanders is by far the most unpleasant candidate of the lot.  (Swalwell is a close second.)  Sanders is angry; he rages with furious envy at people who have worked hard and become successful.  He loathes such people and wants to destroy them.  He will never be the candidate; no person with such a vitriolic and aggressive personality has ever been or will ever be elected to the presidency.  He is hard to listen to because he is so green with envy of successful, happy people.  He is a communist of the worst kind.  He would love nothing better than to condemn all "rich" people to gulags.  All this from a man who owns three homes. 

Sanders and Warren spend much of their fury attacking corporations as if they were the scourge of American life.  But most of our lives are made easier and more comfortable by all the corporations who make things we want and need: cars, washers, dryers, televisions, smartphones, toilet paper, fast food, fresh food, etc.  Where would we be without them?  They employ millions of people, but Warren wants them punished.  Just as "Medicare for all" would bankrupt every hospital in the country, going after corporations would be equally counter-productive. 

The most destructive policy they all support is open borders.  To this bunch, illegal migrants, the hundreds of thousands of them breaching our border, are far more important than American citizens.  They should be allowed to break our laws.  They should be taken care of while our own homeless are ignored.  If they try to buy a gun, they should not be reported.  If they commit rape, murder, DUI, etc., they should be forgiven and neither imprisoned nor deported.  The Democrats want the U.S. to be a sanctuary nation, no matter the catastrophic results of such a policy.  Our Left rolls out the red carpet for illegals, plans to shower them with all manner of welfare and protect them from our legal establishment.  It is truly shocking.

These candidates want to transform America even more than Obama did.  American citizens be damned.  Every single candidate wants our borders to be overrun like most of Europe has been.  European culture has been forever altered by the influx of Muslim refugees who have no intention of assimilating.  They mean to impose their culture on Europe, and they are succeeding.  Our Hispanic immigrants, however well-meaning, serve only to hurt our own labor force.

Trump has effected the lowest unemployment for all groups in over fifty years — quite an accomplishment.  The U.S. is now energy independent.  The stock market has had a phenomenal run.  Kamala Harris thinks that does not matter, since not all Americans own stocks.  But the unions and pension funds of the companies they work for do; the success of the stock market benefits millions of people who do not purchase stocks themselves.

The difference between Trump, who loves this country, and all twenty Democrat candidates who seem to hate everything about America could not have been clearer in these two debates.  Their hatred of Trump has eaten away at their wisdom and conscience.  It has poisoned their souls.  What we saw those two nights is what is left of them: misery; intolerance; and their disdain for freedom, the Constitution, and the American people. 

Image: Guardian News via YouTube.

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