Three killer pieces on getting More Trump, trans agenda turning off youth, and cancel culture, by Andrew Sullivan

Remember the Old Andrew Sullivan?  The one whose detailed pieces on why the Left is so awful that we used to sink our teeth into, dating from some twenty years ago?  Sullivan then went on a moderate turn, and somehow it was wasn't the same reading him...

But he's got a new three-part piece out in New York magazine, and it's pretty obvious the old Sullivan is back.  All it took was for him to take a good hard look at the Left.

The first part of his must-read New York magazine piece goes into exceptional detail about the sheer stupidity of Democrats painting themselves into a corner on immigration, which we saw in the debates.  Yes, he remains a NeverTrump, arguing that he likes sensible immigration policy instead, if for nothing else than to ensure that More Trumps don't get elected, but heh, heh, who thinks Democrats are going to pay attention to that?  Given the Democrats' bacchanal of idiotic ideas — and their self-righteous intransigence — they're immolating themselves, he argues, and for the rest of us, it's a great campfire for popping corn.

What emerged [from the Democratic debates] was their core message to the world: Get here without papers and you'll receive humane treatment while you're processed, you'll never be detained, you'll get work permits immediately, and you'll have access to publicly funded health care and a path to citizenship if you don't commit a crime. This amounts to an open invitation to anyone on the planet to just show up and cross the border. The worst that can happen is you get denied asylum by a judge, in which case you can just disappear and there's a 1 percent chance that you'll be caught in a given year. Who wouldn't take those odds?

Sullivan describes this as a suicide policy for Democrats and very likely to ensure that Trump gets re-elected.  NSS.  This is one hella good piece to read for the actual reality out there.

Then Sullivan just gets better.  He reports about a poll of young people showing a precipitous drop in their support for the LGBTQ agenda. 

And he has a grip on exactly why it's happening: the trans agenda has hijacked the previous tolerance of gays and their agenda from young people because its takeover by the trans lobby and their agenda has gotten into kids' faces.  Now the kids are "bolting."

He begins:

I wondered when this would happen. How long would it take, I asked, before a younger generation revolted against the new left orthodoxy that there is no sex binary, or gender binary, or indeed any place for biology in understanding the differences between men and women? How long before boys rebelled against the notion that their sex is actively toxic and in need of psychotherapy? Or how long before girls felt violated or just uncomfortable seeing people of the opposite biological sex in their bathrooms, locker rooms, and showers? How many are miffed that they have to compete with biological males in athletic contests?

New data suggests that that time could be now. For the first time, we're seeing a sharp drop in tolerance of "LGBTQ" people among the younger generation. This is an entirely new phenomenon.

As with immigration, it's another social trend working against the Left, just as the Left denies it.  Call him a Cassandra for those would-be totalitarians.  His piece offers considerable insight in a can't-put-down essay.

And he tops it off with the Left's disgusting "cancel culture" in a short piece warning the Left to get away with that one, too.

He's still no conservative, but he's telling the truth on the problems of the Left and rather idealistically warning it that it has gone too far on so many of its pet causes.  That ought to make the wokesters mad.  But the rest of us can read his flawless reading of the times as they are with considerable satisfaction.  Sullivan's back.  Read the whole thing here.

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