'Sleepy Joe' was no exaggeration from Trump...

After telling us he was tanned, rested, and ready for 2020, so to speak, Democratic frontrunner Joe Biden seems to have rolled back over and gone back to sleep.

Seriously, he's showing up to campaign events in a state of somnolence.

Patriot Retort observed this:

Well, now I think I understand why No-Show Joe Biden didn't turn up in Iowa for all the Gay Pride events this past weekend. It's really difficult to march in a Pride Parade when your primary ambulatory mode is sleepwalking.

But the Somnambulant Kid-Toucher finally made his way to the Hawkeye State yesterday where apparently he was so bored by his own speech, he put himself to sleep.

So while the other Democrat candidates are insulting their way to the nomination, the lumbering, droning Joe is sleepwalking there.

Honestly, is it his advancing years or is Sleepwalking Joe just not interested in running for President?

So not only is Biden not up to the rigors of campaigning.  He's also reading from prepared scripts.  He's getting the attention of tweeters based on his lack of energy at campaign events.  And he doesn't go to many of those anyway.

As PatriotRetort notes: "Joe Biden isn't bringing his A-game.  Though I'm fairly certain we're seeing his Zzzzz-Game."

It's not just that, though.  As Thomas Lifson noted here, he's unwittingly insulting voters, too, almost as if he finds it an inconvenience that he has to campaign to win their votes.  He's also making strange grandiose gaffes he can't possibly be serious about, as I argued here.

Now he's practically falling asleep at his own events, right at the critical early stage of the game when a candidate ought to be at the top of his game.  Sure, he's got a clown car of other Democrats selling retrograde socialism as his competition, which ought to make his journey easier.  But is he really that motivated if he can't so much as stay awake for his own events?

It makes his age seem to be a factor.  Hillary Clinton, who had a variety of medical issues, was brought down in 2016 at least in part by her lack of energy, and that ought to make Democrats worry.  Clinton couldn't even make herself go to Wisconsin despite her husband Bill Clinton's pleading that she needed to.

Biden, who if he gets the nomination and then takes the presidency in 2020 will be 79, seems to have the same problem. He makes the man Trump belittled as "low energy Jeb" Bush look like a fireball.  Reality is reality, and he must be banking on Trump-hate to carry him over the finish line.

It raises another reality that's got to make Democrats uncomfortable as time goes on and Joe fades for his speechside nap: that Trump was right when he called Joe Biden "Sleepy Joe."  Trump has always had a lightning-fast way of reading people, and now it's obvious that the president remains at the top of his game.  And Joe?  One wonders if he knows why he's running.

One can almost pity what happens to this doddering Democrat when Trump cranks his campaign game to 11.  It won't be pretty. 

Image credit: Kelly Kline via FlickrCC BY-SA 2.0.

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