Joe Biden is too stupid to win the nomination (#2)

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Since plagiarism killed an earlier Biden run at the presidency and dogged him in law school, the first rule of a rational Biden campaign this time would be: nothing that even vaguely looks like plagiarism.  But evidently, the subject never came up when Joe Biden assembled his presidential campaign staff.  But it looks as though the Biden campaign panicked when Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tweeted that his lack of a radical plan to restructure our thriving economy so as to emit less CO2 was a "dealbreaker."

But with almost four weeks to work on something, the best the campaign could come up with was copying and pasting, and in some cases re-wording, the work of others on similar "Green New Deal" proposals to produce the "Biden Plan."

Of course, as anyone with a triple-digit IQ could predict, people noticed right away.  The Washington Post:

Joe Biden's presidential campaign lifted language without credit, at times word for word, when crafting its education and climate plans, incidents the campaign acknowledged and said were inadvertent.

The incidents appeared to be staff errors when detailing Biden's policies, and they underscored how hastily his campaign was attempting to put out specific proposals. But the issue was a particularly sensitive one for Biden, whose 1988 campaign was derailed after he plagiarized, in speeches, rhetoric used by British politician Neil Kinnock.

Reports also emerged that he used lines from two Democrats, Robert F. Kennedy and Hubert H. Humphrey, without attribution. Biden had also been cited for plagiarism in a paper during law school, an error he blamed on not knowing how to properly cite sources.

He quit the campaign shortly after the flurry of uses were reported.

Biden's campaign said Tuesday that it would update his policy plans online to properly attribute the sources of information, which in the case of his environmental plan included a coal industry entity. But the controversy nonetheless threatened to overshadow the policies themselves — and, for some liberal advocates, it was a sign that the policies were not taken seriously by the campaign or the candidate.

What kind of presidency would Biden conduct?  One with key staff too stupid to avoid obvious issues — the kind that have come up again and again.  The criticism of President Trump as impulsive and undisciplined pale in comparison to Biden's recklessness and lack of prudence.  Ultimately, Biden's pander failed to persuade Ocasio-Cortez:

Ocasio-Cortez told The Hill that she prefers Inslee's plan our of all this that have been introduced thus far: "I do think that Jay Inslee's plan is a phenomenal blueprint and example of where we need to go. It's got the scale, the jobs and justice," she said.

An utter and complete failure.  Imagine this clown as president.

Biden tries to look thoughtful at the LBJ Library in 2017.
Photo credit: Jay Goodwin, LBJ Library.

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