James Comey flaunts his gay pride in FBI rainbow t-shirt

James Comey has a weird way on Twitter. Thrashing about with revelations about his coverups as FBI director these days, he's got this at the top of his tweet feed now:



Yes, we are sure this is very meaningful and important to him. He seems to think he's still running for something. He seems to want everyone to know that the FBI has "changed" from its dreaded J. Edgar Hoover days, when gay was not O.K., particularly with House ranking intelligence committee member Devin Nunes stating that Comey made Hoover "look like a saint." Comey seems to be all in for making the FBI an endorser of left-wing progressive activist causes instead of an impersonal just-the-facts law enforcement agency. Or maybe he's just appealing to gays to support him as he fights subpoenas revealing his malfeasance while in office. 

Hard to say. But he likes being clerically cryptic. Remember when he posted this one?



He always posts something weird when he's on the political hot seat and desires to deflect attention. Most of the Twitter responders to that one at the time suggested that since he likes jumping, maybe he ought to get fitted for an orange prison jumpsuit.

Now they're making catcalls about the effect of wearing a shirt like that in prison:



When he gets weird he posts weird things. And based on what we can tell, it's a coordinate with some detail about his being in political trouble. In the end, he always winds up looking just strange.

Image credit: Twitter screen shot

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