Is America ready for a cold war with China?

Walter Russell Mead is on to something when he writes Americans aren't ready for Cold War II with China.  His basic reasoning is this.  As the relaxed posture the U.S. has taken toward China in the past is changed into prolonged competition, there are many imponderables that people might not be ready for. How will the competition affect Americans in their daily lives — through economic protectionism, surveillance or military mobilization? How will it change the technology and higher-education sectors? What impact will cyber technology and other forms of asymmetric warfare have on the balance of power? Will the deep economic ties between the countries soften diplomatic and military competition — or sharpen it? All that's true, which is to say there are a lot of questions.  But it is also true that for years, the U.S. foreign affairs establishment along with the media has misled the public as the true nature of...(Read Full Post)
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