‘Experts’ wrong again: Trump tariffs have not penalized American consumers

Ever since President Trump started using tariffs as a strategic weapon in restructuring our position in world trade from losing jobs, industries, and whole regions to one of strength across the board including a viable manufacturing sector, our elites discovered a brand new concern for working class Americans. Those “people of Walmart” they normally scorn are doing to be penalized by skyrocketing prices for clothes, appliances , and other consumables because of Trumps tariffs. Economic theory is great in the abstract, using unassailable logic and fundamental principles grounded in reality. But human beings and their collectivities are complex, and often intervene in the economic sphere for reasons unrelated to the logic of economics. Thus, the almost universal establishment criticism of President Trump’s use of tariffs to force those who exploit us with high tariff and nontariff barriers to our exports into a more reciprocal relationship. His stated goal of...(Read Full Post)
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