A lefty discovers border checkpoints - and concludes Trump put them up there

Is there nothing the left won't blame on Trump?

Lefty activist Walid Shaheed passed through a routine border checkpoint slightly inland from the actual border and panicked, concluding the first thing that came to his mind: That Trump turned America Nazi.

Bzzzzt! No. Turns out the border checkpoints have been in place for decades, a relic of a time when both right and left held the mainstream view that America needed borders.

The Right Scoop reports how it all went, spotting this tweet:



After that came the inevitable smackdown. This one was sweeter than most because assorted other lefties hastened to calm the leftist down, explaining that those border checkpoints predated Trump, and the Supreme Court upheld the Border Patrol's right to have the checkpoints and ask brief questions of travelers suspected of smuggling, back in 1976. Meanwhile, the checkpoints as they stand have been allowed since 1953.

Anyone who drives from San Diego to Los Angeles knows about the border checkpoint on Highway 5, out in the Pendleton badlands just before hitting San Clemente. Every little kid from San Diego knows about it because it's on the highway to Disneyland. My family used to make fun of it, actually, getting waved through and then always joking: 'Time to take off our wigs and let the dozen people we are smuggling back up from under the seat cushions, (snicker), we got away with it.'

The checkpoint was put into place decades ago, and probably wasn't all that effective, given that human and other kinds of smugglers knew about them and most would presumably know enough to go around them. Need proof of that? Well, it's the very area where the famous CalTrans cautionary illegal immigrant signs used to be, too, placed much later based on people sneaking around to avoid that checkpoint until too many Americans started making fun of it.

Bottom line: The lefty is so out of touch he's not even aware of the U.S. being in a border crisis since at least 1986, or earlier, actually, with illegal crossers and smugglers forcing the adaptation of border checkpoints, which, yes, kind of inconvenience everyone. I always wondered why they placed it above San Diego, as if San Diego wasn't entitled to some kind of protection, too. Well, according to one of the lefties cited by the Right Scoop, the idea was that the closer border area allows far more cross border traffic as locals on both sides of the border regularly go in and out. The Supreme Court decided years ago that the inland checkpoints beyond them were acceptable and this was how it was going to be.

And now the lefty's getting owned, as the Right Scoop shows, even by the more informed lefties.

Incredibly, it's not the first time a lefty has fallen into this trap and presumed that Trump has turned the border into a Nazi zone. Vox of all places had to correct the lefties about this last year, explaining that yes, the border checkpoints were put into place decades ago, back when there was a consensus about having borders. Even last year, there must have been many lefties panicking.

Maybe lefties ought to get out around the country more. Maybe they can see what's going on and ask some serious questions instead of jump to their panicked conclusions. A teachable moment, as they like to say.

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