Democrats' sneaky-pete with Iran is getting out of control

Are Iran's mullahs the guys you go to when the U.S. voters don't give you the election result you want?

For Democrats, yes, what with so many of them now openly counselling Iran's Islamist rulers about 'staying the course' as the U.S. dispatches military forces to the region.

According to Conservative Review (hat tip: Mark Levin):

The Daily Beast has published a disturbing piece revealing that senior Obama administration officials are actively attempting to undermine the Trump administration’s foreign policy. And worse, they are collaborating with the terrorist regime that rules Iran to do so.
The publication has offered anonymity to the select Obama administration officials, breaking journalistic standards and allowing them to be quoted at length while cloaked in anonymity, about their plans to collude with Iran and thwart the elected president’s agenda.

We all know what this is: a leftist bid to help the mullahs counter President Trump. If the U.S. loses a war or something over it, well, that's collateral damage. What's collateral damage compared to regaining power?

The Obama administration's signature "achievement" on Iran was its now-scrapped "Iran deal" to pay the mullahs billions from the U.S. on the condition that they promise, promise, to stop making nuclear weapons. The whole thing was run on the honor system and for that reason, President Trump threw it out.

Who's got an interest in keeping it as it was? Quite possibly the author of the mess, former Deputy National Security Advisor and creative writing major Ben Rhodes. I smell Ben Rhodes, who, in his memoirs, demonstrated a great taste for meeting and colluding (and getting gulled by) the world's worst tyrants.

Since the 1960s, Democrats on the far left have never been particularly loyal to the U.S., its idea of citizenship, or American freedomd rooted in rule of law.

But now they're going way too far. They're openly colluding with an enemy.

President Trump has stated that these sneaky-petes with America's enemies were violations of the 1799 Logan Act in the past. First it was John Kerry meeting the mullahs on the sly and advising them how to derail Trump, then it was Sen. Dianne Feinstein meeting with the mullahs herself and now it's these unnamed Obama officials. There's obviously a downward slide here and it's starting to accelerate. Goodness knows what they are doing behind the scenes with the Mexicans, there's reason to think a good look there would be in order, too.

Bottom line, the time is getting short. It's time to quit talking about the Logan act and starting to enforce it. Let Ben Rhodes be the guy in the klieg lights from a tipped off press, marching with lawmen to the courthouse. 

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