Is the witch melting? Nancy Pelosi gets all weak-kneed at leftist screams to 'Impeach!'

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is a tough old political bird, and up until now, she's been impervious to hollers from assorted leftist special interest groups calling on her to move further leftward. She's a realist, and a cunning one, moving in for the kill only when she knows she has it for sure. Remember how the DACA kids screamed at her after all her efforts to help them? It was amazing ingratitude, and not the first time we've seen ingratitude from the group. But their screams, targeted specifically at Pelosi, didn't budge the Speaker a bit.

Well, she showed a surprising noodli-ness this weekend, when the leftist screamers came out for her at a California conference for Democrats. According to an NBC News report:

SAN FRANCISCO – House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s speech to the California Democratic Party State Convention Saturday drew loud cries of “impeach” from attendees as Pelosi mentioned special counsel Robert Mueller’s report and ticked through evidence in the probe of Russian interference in the 2016 election that suggested President Donald Trump obstructed justice

Pelosi previously resisted calls to begin impeachment proceedings against the president even as the chorus of Democrats calling for impeachment grows.
Her appearance before the California delegates -- a decidedly left-leaning crowd -- ramped up the pressure, with delegates beginning to shout “impeach” as she brought up the various congressional investigations into the White House and the Trump Organization.
Which is about par for the crazy wing of the Democratic Party, the San Francisco Democrats.
And according to NBC, she sounded as though she was finally melting:
When Pelosi made reference to Mueller, who spoke publicly for the first time in two years on Wednesday in addressing the results if his investigation, calls for impeachment grew louder, at one point almost drowning her out. The San Francisco-based representative stopped and said, “As I told you, this is like coming home for me.”
Coming home? So she's telling them she's been out of touch with them? Welcome to the club, rabid lefties. 
It does sound as though she's buckling, not out of political common sense, but because they leftists screamed loudly. And, for her, that's a criteria for deciding what works best in politics.
Call it what you want, it's not leadership. Leaders do what works best to keep their House majority. She's starting to yield to the crazies. Up until now, she's been very perspicacious in knowing what her best options are to retain the House for Democrats. Much of her Democratic Party consists of newly elected representatives from red districts who have sizable conservative voter counts in their districts, and those are the ones who can be thrown out easiest if the Republicans get roused and enraged by a lot of impeachment talk and little other action. That explains Pelosi's arguments to the far-side among the Democrats, the screaming left, that impeaching Trump is 'not worth it,' and her warnings to them that they were being goaded by Trump who would eat them for breakfast. 
In some funny way. she does recognize political realities and must know that Trump is too popular to throw out, never mind the flimsy reason.
But now, she's growing soft, and one wonders if her story is about to shift. Will she bow to the Ocasio-Cortez left now that her California Democrats have serenaded her with their screams? She might well find herself eaten for breakfast if they get their way, and yet she's yielding to them.
What an embarassing specter. She may live to regret that she let her grip slip and allowed the lunatics to take over.
Image credit: public domain // CC BY-SA 1.0


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