Congratulations, graduates

Liberals use their brains to tie themselves into intersectional knots.  As a result, a liberal becomes unable to travel through simple social occasions with grace and refinement.   If Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez may be held up as an example, the best we can hope for is extended demi-adulthood. My son graduated from high school yesterday.  As I sat down in the arena to await the ceremony, I felt joy intermingled with a diminutive of melancholy.  Imagine: the quiet little boy that God placed in my arms 18 beautiful years ago about to take a step farther away from me. To my dismay, the observance became a showcase for a selfish, mindless, and coarse performance that half the spectators indulged in.  Apparently, the fools won the popular vote. The principal announced that the choir would open the event by singing the National Anthem.  A lady right behind me said, "I don't give a f--- about the National...(Read Full Post)
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