Apple at 100% capacity to make iPhones outside China

Bloomberg reports that Apple’s primary business partner has capacity to produce 100 percent of iPhones outside China demonstrates America’s strength in US Trade War. Just hours after Simon Rabinovitch, Asia editor for the Economist, claimed damage to global supply chains from the Sino-U.S. Trade War may be "irreversible" and push the world into recession, Bloomberg reported that an executive of Foxconn, Apple's Taiwan-based primary assembly partner, has enough non-China capacity for all iPhone production. Worldwide stock prices rallied overnight on belief that the supply chain risks to U.S. multinational corporations that supposedly forced a quick settlement of President Trump’s tariff threats against Mexico would force a China settlement at the June 28 G-20 Meeting in Japan. But the early morning news of Apple iPhone contingent supply chain erased the stock gains. According to Thompson...(Read Full Post)
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