Angela Merkel pulls a Hillary

It hasn't receive much notice but last week German Chancellor Angela Merkel put on a performance reminiscent of Hillary Clinton in her 2016 campaign. Standing beside the president of Ukraine in Berlin, Merkel started to shake uncontrollably. She was obviously in distress and looked as if she was struggling to stay upright. Afterwards Ms. Merkel attributed this episode to dehydration. It's summer-time after all. Merkel has been chancellor for over 14 years. During that time, she has faced many stressful situations, and now is bearing the brunt of her disastrous immigration policy. The Christian Democrat Party has lost so much confidence in her that she announced she would not stand for reelection as its party leader come December. Adding to the chancellor's misery were three polls last week showing the radical Greens have replaced Merkel's Christian Democrats as the most popular party in Germany. On top of this, there's...(Read Full Post)
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