Abortion, the Left's contemptible last stand

The Hollywood Left's barbaric affinity for abortion without any constraints would be mystifying if their blatant amorality were not so obvious to everyone outside of Hollywood and DC, two cities among several with no rules beyond the dictates of leftism.   All of the declared Democrat candidates for president have publicly stated their support for unrestricted abortion, meaning the right to kill an unwanted baby at any stage of a pregnancy, at birth or after.  Blank slate Kirsten Gillibrand has called any opposition to this policy racist, "contrary to our Constitution!"   The pitiable Joe Biden, long a supporter of the Hyde Amendment, has had to flip-flop a few times to please his demented party.   For the Dems, being pro-life is now "racist" and unconstitutional.  That is a leap of moonbattery if there ever were one.     Margaret Sanger is no doubt celebrating in...(Read Full Post)
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