Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, vying for that coveted Ocasio-Cortez endorsment

Is there any greater indicator of how far left the Democrats have swung, than in the specter of how they're falling over themselves to get that coveted Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez endorsement? Here's Drudge's top story, from a Los Angeles Times writer, describing how Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris and probably others are falling all over themselves to get Ocasio-Cortez's nod for president:

Ocasio-Cortez told CNN this spring that she did not expect to make an endorsement in the crowded 2020 field "for a while," but in discussing what she was looking for in a nominee, she singled out Warren and Sanders.

"What I would like to see in a presidential candidate is one that has a coherent worldview and logic from which all these policy proposals are coming forward," Ocasio-Cortez said. "I think Sen. Sanders has that. I also think Sen. Warren has that."

Asked for more specifics about when she would make an endorsement, her spokesman, Corbin Trent, said it would be early enough to have an impact.

Well, that should give lefties something to drum their fingers on the table about.

Warren and Ocasio-Cortez have been glad-handing behind the scenes of Congress, with Ocasio-Cortez also defending Warren's big-dollar consulting on Twitter. Harris made a movie with Ocasio-Cortez, the better to get the junior congresswoman's picture alongside hers for the voters even if she doesn't actually get the endorsement. Sanders, of course, is Ocasio-Cortez's socialist mentor. And all of them, even Joe Biden, the supposed moderate and frontrunner, endorse Ocasio-Cortez's economy-annihilating multi-trillion-dollar Green New Deal. 

It's crazy. 

The logic is that they want the Millennial vote and Gen. Z vote, and they are calculating that Ocasio-Cortez therefore is EveryMillenial, the sum total of all Millennial sentiment. And sure, they want the glamour and hip of the newly elected New York congresswoman, because who wants to be seen as a fuddy-duddy among the Democratic dinosaur parade, something both Granny Warren and Gramps Bernie would want to avoid in spades? Harris, of course, comes off as the artificial yuppie, the heels-up mistress, and the unethical prosecutor of minorities, so Ocasio-Cortez in the vicinity is a sort of balm to that reputation, too.

So there they go, falling over themselves to get Ocasio-Cortez's endorsement, and Ocasio-Cortez playing coy in order to extract maximum advantage from it, and the result that follows is them bending to her every wish, taking their agendas to ever more leftist extremes to court and please the former bartender.

It's lunacy, not just because Ocasio-Cortez is unlikely to deliver the Millennial vote for them, she's actually pretty unpopular where they would need her to be popular.

Polls show she's detested nationally.

Local polls show that people in her district aren't happy with her, either. She chased Amazon's plan for a new headquarters out,and then celebrated her district's loss of its high-paid jobs, which didn't go over too well with the locals. She's getting primaried for it.

Even New York state polls show that Ocasio-Cortez is less popular than Donald Trump.

Her sole advantage seems to be her looks, image and Twitter feed, all of which she knows how to use like a pro. They want that, so now they're falling all overthemselves to get the socialist dunce's coveted endorsement.

She's making them pay for it, stringing them along, the tail wagging the head, forcing them to bend ever further left to please her. So much for 'leadership.' So much for the big picture, too. The only thing one can conclude by this sorry specter of bad judgment is that none of these candidates are actual presidential material.



Why anyone would want her endorsement, though, is weird stuff.