Abortion, the Left's contemptible last stand

The Hollywood Left's barbaric affinity for abortion without any constraints would be mystifying if their blatant amorality were not so obvious to everyone outside of Hollywood and DC, two cities among several with no rules beyond the dictates of leftism.  

All of the declared Democrat candidates for president have publicly stated their support for unrestricted abortion, meaning the right to kill an unwanted baby at any stage of a pregnancy, at birth or after.  Blank slate Kirsten Gillibrand has called any opposition to this policy racist, "contrary to our Constitution!"   The pitiable Joe Biden, long a supporter of the Hyde Amendment, has had to flip-flop a few times to please his demented party.  

For the Dems, being pro-life is now "racist" and unconstitutional.  That is a leap of moonbattery if there ever were one.    

Margaret Sanger is no doubt celebrating in hell.  She founded Planned Parenthood to purposefully dispose of black babies and the Democratic Party has at last embraced her cause openly and without shame.  Black babies are aborted in numbers far in excess of their proportion of our population; 35%  of abortions are  black babies when black women are 13% of the female population!  In an honest society, this would be acknowledged as a genocide because it is exactly that.  But among our abortion-obsessed political elites and their long-indoctrinated acolytes, the right to kill developing and even born infants is sacrosanct and must be protected at all costs.  These anti-life extremists never consider the cost of their depravity to a civilization founded upon Judeo-Christian values.  As for a right to life?  No such thing in the realm of self-regard above all.   

Now that several states are challenging Roe v. Wade by passing their own laws with regard to abortion, the left really has its panties in a twist.  The sexual revolution that was kick-started by the advent of birth control in the early 1960s has done irreparable damage to Western civilization.  This is not to suggest that sexually indiscriminate behavior was anything new; it most certainly was not.  No one pretends that promiscuity has not been a part of human nature since the beginning our presence on this planet, but Judaism, then Christianity came along and set down some rules.  Those who embraced the rules were the forbearers of Western civilization, the inventors of a moral sense that had prevailed until the mid- 20th century when the "sexual revolution" took the student generation by storm. 

But birth control pills were, in retrospect, a permission slip on the once semi-moral plane of male/female interaction.  Coinciding with the first wave of the feminist movement, the Bella Abzug, Gloria Steinem, Betty Freidan assault on what had long been, for the most part,  normal romantic encounters that often led to marriage,  easily accessed birth control was marketed as the freedom for women that men had always enjoyed.  Women could almost suddenly be as sexually indiscriminate as men had long been presumed to be. No one stopped to question whether or not promiscuity was the inherent nature of women.  Nevertheless, many young women leapt into the sexual revolution with ardor and abandon. For most it did not end well.  

Now it seems the only "right" that women consider inviolable is the right to abort their pregnancies if inconvenient.  Justifiable reasons for abortion -- rape, incest or a severely damaged fetus,  have always been supported by reasonable people but those cases are rare, very rare.  But the left today demands fealty to the creed of abortion on demand no matter the consequences to civil society.  

The constitutionality of Roe v. Wade has been argued among legal scholars since 1973.  But even those who support its result admit it was bad law, created out of whole cloth, a penumbra of implied rights in the Bill of Rights.  Will it come before the SCOTUS in the coming years?  It seems likely; that is what the courageous steps taken by the states applying certain restrictions on abortion once a heartbeat is audible and/or beyond the first trimester are meant to trigger.  Polls show that most Americans want abortion to be legal in the first trimester and in cases of rape or incest, but the ever so progressive left opposes any such limitations.  

And that is where things stand today.  We are blighted by a thoroughly amoral left who now defines the right to abortion up to and including after birth as a constitutional right that must not be infringed.  Then there is the rest of the population that finds this stance abhorrent.  The Democrat Left in America has become increasingly craven and self-absorbed; nothing must interfere with its hedonism.  With apologies to Yeats, they have become the rough beast, slouching toward Bethlehem to kill the unborn.

Photo credit: Debra Sweet

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