Tucker Carlson destroys Eric Swalwell’s latest showboating attempt

With a recent tweet, Rep. Eric Swalwell could have not done a better job of exposing himself as a fatuous ignoramus if he tried. 

In the wake of the collapse of the Russia Hoax, Democrat villains seem to be rushing to unmask themselves for the thuggish phonies so many of them are.  

Nobody bet more on the hoax than Rep. Eric Swalwell, whose unsupported claims of “evidence” that President Trump is a “traitor” would embarrass any normal person. But there is very little about Eric Swalwell’s politics that is normal, including his weird candidacy for president.

Swalwell needs to distract the public from thinking about his false claims on Russia, and so reverted to a favorite tactic of Dems: pretending to be the advocate for a large group of people that can be portrayed as victims. So, he went for the single biggest demographic slice of the American people: women:

YouTube screen grab (cropped)

There’s only one problem with this. The Constitution also does not use the word “man.”

Tucker Carlson exposed the buffoonery of a lawyer who apparently has never read the Constitution with economy last night. This needs only about a minute of your time:

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