Hey, Mazie Hirono! Who Do You Work For?

Hey Mazie Hirono!  Who do you work for?  Who is pulling your strings?  Surely, it's not the people of Hawaii or the rest of the country.    

Your father left the family when you were very young, and your mom managed to bring you and your two siblings to Hawaii.  She supported the family by working long hours to put a roof over your head and food on the table.  In spite, of your meager surroundings, you managed to get yourself a fine education at the University of Hawaii and prestigious Georgetown Law School. 

One would expect gratitude for the opportunity this country offered you, but instead you shamefully and ungratefully had the gall to state to your staff that "people are getting screwed in this country every single second, minute, hour of the day."  So, the country that took you in, housed you, fed you, clothed you, and educated you is a country that "screws" everyone every second of every day?  Doesn't look like you were screwed, but it does look like you are the one who is screwing the good people of this country.

Wednesday, instead of questioning Attorney General Barr at the Senate Judiciary Hearing, you ran a ten minute monologue slandering a public servant who has served this country for four decades because you are unhappy with the Mueller Report. 

CNN screen grab via YouTube

You called the President a liar and then you called Attorney General Bill Barr a liar without any evidence to support your charge.  Have you no decorum, shame, or respect for not only the office you hold, but for our governing institution?  Is the lack of civility you are championing now the new norm?  Unlike the uncivilized unstable countries many are fleeing (Somalia, the home of Ilhan Omar, another ingrate), we have for the last two hundred years a system of government in place where civility and respect for the opposition was the norm; however, you immigrants in Congress are tearing apart our House and Senate.  How does your lack of civility improve the process of governance?  It doesn't!

As an immigrant myself, I resent your lack of gratitude and respect for a country that provided you and your family a safe haven and security not found elsewhere.  You're an ingrate and your presence in Congress is divisive and un-American.  Over 63 million Americans voted for President Trump, the man you call a grifter, a man who donates his salary and one who has improved the economic lives of all Americans.  It is he who has created millions of jobs; not you!  It is he who has brought manufacturing jobs back to the States; not you!  It is he who has put more money into the pockets of Americans; not you! And it is he who has renegotiated unfair trade deals with Europe and China; not you!

Additionally, Mazie, in this country we don't just "believe women," we believe evidence.  As an attorney, you should know that, and if you don't know the basics, then perhaps you are not fit to serve.  Men do not need to "shut up!" as you audaciously advised.  In this country we all have a voice. 

So, before you sit there and slander our Attorney General and our President, invest in a little humility and learn the process by which we govern.  Civility accorded by you will help heal a divided nation, and if you can't abide by that, then perhaps you need to take your own advice and "just shut up!". 

Shari Goodman is a political activist, educator, and political commentator for American Thinker, World Net Daily, Israel Today, and other publications.

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