The miracle of life, from the world's smallest surviving baby

When I was a little girl around the age of 7 in the late 1960s, the most exciting thing in the world was to persuade my parents to take me and my sisters to Sharp Hospital, up the road from where I lived in San Diego, to go see the newborn babies through the hospital window. In my little-kid mind, two things were very important - to see the giant statue of the stork carrying a baby at the hospital entrance, and to see the window with all the newborn babies and find the babies in the incubators, marveling at how tiny they were in their oversized diapers and how they needed those specialized warm glass bubbles. I'm still here in San Diego and almost every day I walk to this same hospital to get exercise. The hokey stork is still there, moved to the parking lot roof probably due to public demand that they not get rid of it even as the hospital modernized. The old hospital is still there but it's built around with more modern edifices. The...(Read Full Post)
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