The catchphrase politics of the media and other Democrats

Nancy Pelosi accuses the President of a “cover-up” and, like lemmings most of the media repeats it.  That’s the latest in a long series of catchphrases that characterize Democrat party politics.  Frequently, President Nixon and Watergate will be thrown into the diatribe to intentionally mislead the public. But of course, Watergate basically was Republican operatives trying to spy on Democrats and then President Nixon seeking to cover it up. The situation today is that the Obama Administration, in collusion with DNC and Hillary who created a fake dossier, spied on Trump and other Republicans. Democrats, with the help of the media, have done everything they can to cover-up the abuse of power and criminal activity.  It is the Obama Administration and Democrats who are the equivalent of Watergate and Nixon, not Trump.  Journalists have switched sides to participate in the cover-up and target the victims of the spying instead of the...(Read Full Post)
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