Another faded entertainer insults the military because Donald J. Trump is president

Joining other spoiled lefties indulging in their extended terrible-twos tantrum because the nation's backward folk voted for Donald J. Trump (R) instead of some lady clinging to her husband's, um...reputation, aging and faded actor John Cusack insulted the Armed Forces because you-know-who is commander in chief. 

Prior to the Chicago Cubs' baseball game in Wrigley Field, Cusack pouted in his seat while other fans stood in a brief upcoming Memorial Day tribute to the military who fought for his freedom to do so.

Explaining his spoiled childish behavior, Cusack whined in now deleted tweets: 

"I didn't stand up for Boeing military salute - fast enough for some maga f--- - see?" he tweeted in his defense. The "Hot Tub Time Machine" star was apparently referring to President Trump supporters. (snip)

In another post he clarified that he supports the troops and wants them to come home. "Being anti war - is pro troops - pro human -" he added.

Cusack tweeted that he eventually stood up "just not on que - like an Obedient pet."


But he loooooves our troops and "flag-sucking halfwits" because he is "pro-human."

Having graced the world with his profound insights,  Cusack needed to relax.  And so he did.  Continuing his self-centered, narcissistic ways, he puffed on a cigarette...

...blowing unhealthy and environmentally unfriendly smoke on players and surrounding spectators, violating the venue's basic rules and common courtesy.  But he's the oh, so woke, oh, so superior Hollywood John Cusack, so that's OK.  According to John Cusack.

But the thousands of other fans who rose "on que" (sic) are mere "Obedient pet(s)," "Flag sucking halfwits - maga deathkkkult freaks," as opposed to Cusack, a brave and independent thinker.

No, he is just another no-wit lefty "maga f--- -,"  as he so elegantly explains, who is "pro human" only for himself.

Photo credit: Twitter.

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