The catchphrase politics of the media and other Democrats

Nancy Pelosi accuses the President of a “cover-up” and, like lemmings most of the media repeats it.  That’s the latest in a long series of catchphrases that characterize Democrat party politics.  Frequently, President Nixon and Watergate will be thrown into the diatribe to intentionally mislead the public. But of course, Watergate basically was Republican operatives trying to spy on Democrats and then President Nixon seeking to cover it up.

The situation today is that the Obama Administration, in collusion with DNC and Hillary who created a fake dossier, spied on Trump and other Republicans. Democrats, with the help of the media, have done everything they can to cover-up the abuse of power and criminal activity.  It is the Obama Administration and Democrats who are the equivalent of Watergate and Nixon, not Trump.  Journalists have switched sides to participate in the cover-up and target the victims of the spying instead of the perpetrators.

For decades the media, in collusion with other Democrats, have used Democrat talking points, words and phrases when they pretend that they are reporting news. Here is a small sample:

For over two years the catchphrase was that Trump “colluded with the Russians” to win the election even though there was no evidence that was true and much evidence that it wasn’t. After the Mueller report showed no collusion, they switched to obstruction even though there was no crime to obstruct.

Now, the narrative has changed to cover-up. So, there is no collusion and no crime to obstruct, but somehow Trump is covering up this non-criminal activity.

Just before the adoption of cover-up, the catchphrase “constitutional crisis” was splashed all over when Rep. Jerrold Nadler changed the rules of the Judiciary Committee to allow staffers to question AG Barr and Barr correctly told him to shove it.

There is an actual crisis at the border, but Trump was blamed with the “manufactured crisis” catchphrase. Of course, when Obama and Democrats were in charge the problem was an actual crisis. When Obama separated children and caged children that was OK. The media showed the children in cages and blamed Trump. What an honest bunch.

When children are raped by gang members, human smugglers and other illegal aliens it doesn’t matter. False rape stories at Duke and University of Virginia are much more newsworthy.

The “#MeToo” issue was very important unless it related to the Clintons, Biden, and Virginia and other Democrats. Then it doesn’t matter.

A black teenager goes after a cop’s gun in Ferguson, Missouri and gets killed. Journalists and other Democrats gin up racial hate, violence and hate of cops with the false “hands up don’t shoot” catchphrase.  “Black Lives Matter” has been another important catchphrase to gin up racial division. People who said all lives matter were called racists. How many cops have been killed and how much violence has been caused because of the false “hands up don’t shoot” catchphrase?

The racist term “white privilege” is used to gin up racial hate and division, and is a very popular catchphrase on campus.

The media and other Democrats continue to lie about what Trump said in Charlottesville to gin up racial hate against Trump.

The catch-phrase that went out with Trump’s tax cuts was “tax cuts for the rich,” and media repetition of it was so effective that most of the public believed they didn’t get a tax cut even though they did.

When George W. Bush picked Cheney as VP the word of time became “gravitas” because we all know how much Democrats respected Cheney’s intellect and policies.

In 1970, on the first Earth Day the public was told billions would starve to death because of a coming “ice age.”  When that propaganda would no longer work, around 1980, the propaganda changed that humans were causing “global warming” and billions would die soon. Then when there was a lull in warming and scientists were caught cooking the books, the catchphrase was changed to humans are causing climate change and billions would soon die. The solution is always to take trillions from the private sector and hand it to the politicians and bureaucrats.

The public has intentionally been lied to that humans cause droughts to be more severe and longer than in the past even though scientific evidence shows that is not true. Now that reservoirs are full, snow was up substantially along with rain, the public will not be told the truth because only the agenda matters.

Journalists go along with the fiction that the government can control temperatures, sea levels and storm activity forever if we just give them a lot more of our hard-earned money.

Anyone who disagrees with this propaganda and truthfully says that the climate has always changed naturally is falsely labeled “a climate change denier” to intentionally equate us to Holocaust deniers.

Biden, Durbin and other Democrats used to think Roe v. Wade went too far and were pro-life. Then they changed to “pro-choice” saying that abortion should be rare. Now they are for allowing the killing of black, brown, yellow, white children on demand no matter how viable they are. Instead of calling themselves pro abortion or pro death they say they use the phrase “reproductive choice.”

It appears many Democrats care more about chickens that can’t stand up for themselves instead of human babies who can’t stand up for themselves.

Hollywood Demands McDonald’s ‘End Agony for Billions of Animals’: ‘We Believe in Standing Up for Those Who Can’t Stand Up for Themselves’

Soon the latest catchphrase “cover up” will disappear and other Democrat catch- phrases and talking points will replace them.

Through it all, most journalists, in collusion with other Democrats, will continue to call Trump, his supporters and other Republicans sexists, racists, homophobes and xenophobes.  While they are calling us every name in the book, they will use the talking points of how nice they are and how “inclusive” they are as they seek to unite the country that they claim falsely that Trump divided.

Puppets don’t have brains. Journalists, who just repeat what they are told, don’t use their brains and are much more dangerous to election integrity, our freedom and our prosperity than anything Russia or any other country has or will do.

Graphic credit: Facebook