Out of touch Democrats need to look down under

Over the weekend, a new round of experts got stung.  Down in Australia, the voters sent a message, and you'd better believe that "climate change" was in the mix.

This is from Stuart Varney:

The candidate Opens a New Window. pushing tax hikes was sure to win. 

The media Opens a New Window. and the elites backed him. 

The polls all said he would come out on top. Even the exit polls said he would win. 

But he didn't. Bill Shorten, Labour Party leader, lost Australia's general election. The pundits are in a state of shock!

Now we don't spend much time on Australian politics, but Democrats here should be taking a long hard look at this one. 

In Australia voters were not prepared to sacrifice in the name of climate change, and they didn't want to risk their prosperity by taxing the rich!

To be fair, election results are always complicated, but something happened down under, and it was not to give us more liberalism.

On Sunday night, I called an Australian friend who lives in the area and asked for his thoughts about the election.  He said two things:

Australians are fed up with an ever more bureaucratic government.  The bureaucrats want more and more taxes and give you less in services.  As he said, we are not getting our money's worth.

He also said climate change is one of those theoretical topics that sounds good on paper but is hard to explain to the businesses and even labor unions fearful of losing their livelihood.

Is there a message for Democrats?  Yes: Talk to real people and listen to what they have to say.  Beware of experts who only talk to other experts.

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