Joe can't move to the middle and keep the base

According to the Atlantic, Mr. Biden wants a united front and to lower the party's angry volume: Biden is not getting into name-calling, a la President Trump.  He's not getting into Sanders-style proposals like Medicare for All.  And he's definitely not getting into crowd sizes. The roughly 6,000 people who stood in the sun waiting for him was less than a third of the crowd that showed up for Kamala Harris at her launch in Oakland in January; less than half the number Sanders drew for his first rally in Brooklyn in February; and a full 3,000 people behind the crowd who stood in a snowstorm to watch Amy Klobuchar give her kick-off speech in February. In the heart of Philadelphia, nearly half a century after he launched his national political career just down the highway in Wilmington, Delaware, Biden had roughly the same number of people who went to Mayor Pete Buttigieg's kick-off rally in South Bend, Indiana, a month ago. Maybe we can...(Read Full Post)
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