Inside Venezuela's scary surveilling and torturing military

For those of us on the outside, the fact that the grotesquely failing Maduro dictatorship in Venezuela has not yet toppled is fairly mystifying. Why would anyone want to stay in a military that props up a socialist pariah state that has left the women and children back home starving? Could the military be that much of a drug-dealing operation? Could it be so full of useful fools? How is it the military could stay in place when its foot soldiers are paid practically nothing?  Sen. Marco Rubio has tweeted about an outstanding piece of journalism that brings some understanding as why Venezuela's military so far has not defected to the side of democracy as the country has.   This is excellent journalism & a must read for those who understand why it is so difficult to get members of #Venezuela’s military to openly break with #Maduro — Marco Rubio (@marcorubio) May 4, 2019   It's from the...(Read Full Post)
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