Anti-gun radicals are on a misguided mission

After reading an article that praised the efforts of radical anti-gun activist Shannon Watts and her attempt to leverage the irrational gun-fear of Levis's executives, it was clear that Watts's focus is severely misguided.  To the anti-gun crowd, violating the rights of their fellow citizens is "success," regardless of the number of people left unarmed and helpless in the wake of their feel-good crusade.

Shannon Watts, founder of the infamous, radical anti–2nd Amendment group Moms Demand Action for Gun Safety, said:

"I think I am living proof that someone who has no experience as an activist can make a difference — I was just a really angry mom of five living in Indiana when I got off the sidelines."

"If you're passionate about an issue and you just keep showing up (and you convince people to join you along the way), you will force change." (From Levi Strauss website.)

Emotionally reactive activism is usually used to convince people to join a dishonest cause.  If the activists were truthful, they wouldn't get very far, so fear and anger are the tools of choice.  Misguided fear and anger are the fuel that gives people political license to violate the rights of others — in this case, under the guise of "gun-safety."

If the rights of Americans were important to angry gun-grabbers, their mission would crumble quickly, but because the emotional element that surrounds the gun conversation is so strong (and continually perpetuated by those who benefit from it), the anti-gun crowd will use it to their advantage and never talk about "rights."  By perpetuating irrational gun-fear and conditioning society with terms like "gun violence," "assault weapon," and "weapons of war," the anti–2nd Amendment radicals have the advantage of fear on their side.  They can manipulate non-gun-owners into believing that guns cause violence.  In other words, "if the killer didn't have access to a gun, he wouldn't kill."   The anti–2nd Amendment radicals can also train people who aren't paying attention to believe that gun-owners are recklessly and intentionally putting everyone in danger.  This builds hatred toward gun-owners.  They say things like "blood is on your hands" when trying to place the blame for murder on their fellow Americans (often women who want a gun for self-defense).

Logically thinking people scratch their heads and wonder how it is that everyone doesn't question the anti-gun radicals on the fact that their focus is on "gun violence" when it should be on "human violence."  The anger is directed at the NRA and good folks who want to protect their families when it should be against those who support gun-free school zones, then exploit the deaths of children to push for more gun restrictions.  If everyone denounced the manipulative anti-gun propaganda and demanded that the focus be put on the causes of "human violence," the spotlight would be on all the things the anti-gun political left supports: open borders, sanctuary cities, rampant pharmaceutical drug use, welfare dependency, and gun-free zones.

Can't have that, can we?  Nope. It's gotta' be about guns.

The dangerous push to disarm Americans is a clear example of deceitful people misleading others who don't know any better by leveraging their own fear and anger against them.  If people were able to see how the anti-gun propaganda is designed to mislead them, anti-gun groups would be seen for what they really are: fearful, angry anti-gunners chasing a ghost that never existed while simultaneously putting good people in danger to support a political agenda.

Lucky for the anti-gun groups, some people would rather be led by reactive emotion than logical thought. Here are some facts for those who want the truth.

  • Gun-free zones have been the target of more than 98% of all mass shootings (Crime Prevention Research Center)  (Anti-Gun Groups support GFZ's)
  • Guns are used 2.46 million time per year in America to save lives (Centers for Disease Control) (report was hidden from the public for 20 years)
  • Ninety percent of criminals surveyed in jail admitted to avoiding background checks when acquiring firearms (Department of Justice study)

There is no such thing as "gun violence" — only "human-violence."  Anti-gun activists are obsessed with guns and refuse to talk about the real problems