What does a naked model have to do with aborting babies?

The Alabama abortion law is already paying dividends.  It has unleashed the silliest of responses, from "white men who voted to deny reproductive rights" to movie stars going naked to oppose it.

Cheers for the law, because the pro-abortion crowd is living up to its well known immaturity.

The naked woman is Emily Ratajkowski.  Please forgive me, but I don't know who she is.  Nevertheless, she decided to go naked and fight those white guys who won't let women abort.

In Alabama, a female governor signed the law, and six female legislators voted yes, too.  So I guess that it was more than white guys.

My experience is that pro-life marches are made up of thousands of women, too.  My wife, and some church friends attended one in 2018, and around 7,500 people were there.  Mothers and babies everywhere!

So why the naked bodies?  What point is this Ratajkowski making?

She is not making any logical point, because women have always controlled their bodies.  It did not start with Roe in 1973.

The pro-abortion movement is its own worst enemy, from calling for a "sex strike" or showing off naked bodies to protest abortion.

Alabama's law is off to a smashing start.  Just look at the opposition.

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Image: C Magazine via Flickr.

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