WikiLeaks' Julian Assange arrested inside London Ecuadorian embassy

Breaking this morning, shortly after dawn today on the East Coast: WikiLeaks co-founder Julian Assange was arrested by London police and taken into custody shortly before 11 A.M. London time. NBC News reported: Assange was wanted by British police for skipping bail in August 2012, while he was under investigation for sexual assault and rape in Sweden. Dramatic video of the arrest: Screen shot of Assange arrest from widely circulated video on social media.  According to the BBC in an article posted 12 minutes ago as I write: Mr Assange took refuge in the embassy seven years ago to avoid extradition to Sweden over a sexual assault case that has since been dropped. The Met Police said he was arrested for failing to surrender to the court. Ecuador's president Lenin Moreno said it withdrew Mr Assange's asylum after his repeated violations to international conventions. But WikiLeaks tweeted that Ecuador had acted...(Read Full Post)