Medicare for All is terrifying

Twenty twenty presidential candidate Senator Bernie Standers (I-Vt.) released his revised Medicare for All plan yesterday.  Other than being more sophist slop, it's an updated edition of his 2017 health care plan.  Not surprisingly, his version remains vague on exactly how to pay for it, considering that "taxing the rich" probably won't fund much of anything for very long.  In plain speak, the Sanders Medicare for All plan is frightening and unethical.  It's a radical, ill conceived, and financially unfeasible scam, which will throw the American health care industry into a state of chaos.  It's a swindle that folds all current health care delivery into yet another government-run bureaucracy, it destroys the health care insurance industry, and it will rob the two current generations of American seniors of their health care.  It's an attempt to renege on an American government promise.

 In 2022, I'm required by law to enroll in Medicare.  Like every other working adult and since starting my first job way back in 1973, a percentage of my monthly paycheck has been collected by the government for the purpose of funding Medicare.  We're all made to pay on the promise that at the time of our required enrollment, we're guaranteed supplemental government funding to cover the cost of medical care until we die.  Medicare for All obliterates that promise and, I am certain; ensures that future medical care in the U.S. will be rationed due to cost and non-availability of services.

While Medicare for All–supporters parrot the canard about health care for everyone, there's an undeniable fact: it's a sinister redistribution of wealth scam in which people who have paid nothing into the system (to include the millions who reside in the country illegally) and who will be automatically awarded free medical care at the expense of people, who have paid a lifetime of Medicare taxes.  And yes, Bernie Sanders supports "free" medical care for illegals, as do many of the 19 so far declared Democrat presidential candidates.  Furthermore, who pays for the millions of current Medicaid beneficiaries who also pay nothing for their health care?  In the vernacular, taxing the rich ain't gonna cover the medical expenses for the 330 million people who live in the United States.  The rationing of health care will become a cruel reality.  

The updated 2019 Sanders version of Medicare for All also eliminates the health care insurance industry.  Americans will be forced into a system in which the government decides what kind of medical care and treatments it can afford per person, what level of care is available; emergency care versus acute care versus at some time in the future care, depending on how many people are on the waiting list — as in the case of our neighbors to the north in Canada.  The average wait time for a knee replacement in Canada is six months.  The pending nightmare in America guarantees long waits for medical treatment (as seen at V.A. hospitals across the country), denial of care (also seen at V.A. hospitals, assisted living, and long-term care facilities), and the inability of individuals to seek medical care outside a government-controlled oligarchy, in which the power to decide rests with a small group of people.  It's all about control; it will prohibit the freedom to make decisions regarding one's own medical care needs.  The government will decide for you, and you will be shackled from cradle to grave.  Keep in mind that the Veterans' Administration currently serves approximately 9 million military vets and has done a poor to marginal job managing their health care.  And while some of the corruption, cronyism, and incompetence by V.A. leadership exposed during the Obama administration has been remedied, fact is, promises made have not been promises kept.

Medicare for All is nothing more than a scam in which 330 million people become wards of the state for their health care, managed by faceless bureaucrats whose job it will be to determine permissible, pre-determined levels of medical treatment, based on per person cost — not need.  I have no illusions about my future standing as a soon to be "citizen senior" as the proposed plan to redistribute my promised health care, to which I have contributed, is distributed to people who have paid nothing but are entitled to the largesse of others.  In other words, I'm screwed.