Why we keep losing so many battles

On a recent program by Mark Levin featuring John Solomon and Sarah Carter, there was one statement – or thought – that I find uttered time and time again by some of the right’s best spokespeople, that continually blows me away.  Many of our people when speaking of the falsehoods and false narratives spun by the major media (print and television), lament the lack of fairness and objectivity of the media Left. They seem to think that the leftist news outlets -- its journalists and anchors -- are simply not adhering to professional standards and confusing their mission of reporting news with their personal political beliefs.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  It is true that many of the media Left fall into Lenin’s “useful idiot” category.  The Lesser Cuomo comes to mind here, as does Joy Behar, Chris Matthews, and Matthew Dowd.  However, many others, though truly loathsome, likely can’t get by on the...(Read Full Post)