When will this nightmare end?

What will it take?  Another two years?  Another 19 hardened Democrat lawyers and 40 professional staffers?  Another 500 witnesses?  Another 50 million dollars spent, 2,800 subpoenas, 500 search warrants?

After almost three years of being saturated in a unending tsunami of every form of media, academic, and entertainment venues, after almost three years of pronouncements of daily imminent and incontrovertible proof of Trumpian "collusion," we finally have a report that tells us, Never mind, nothing here to look at, go about your business, forget you were ever led to believe otherwise.  This shock is as great as the shock felt by the adoring Hillary crowd that predicted her overwhelming "landslide" victory in her run for president.  So sure, but so wrong...twice.

Why is there no media coverage of what the Clintons were involved in?  Selling access for contributions to the Clinton Foundation, commonly known as "pay for play."  The Democrats selling the rights to Russian oligarchs for North American uranium.  Bill getting $500,000 for a 20-minute speech to a hedge fund.  Signing a treaty with Iran that imperils our future and freeing up the Iranians' previously blocked assets so they can support insurgent organizations like Hamas and Fatah, who kill Jews, Christians, and American soldiers whenever and wherever they can.  How about Hillary bleaching her server?  Violently destroying her phones, having a private email server over which confidential messages were sent and received?

The real collusion was Democrat collusion, starting with Steele's phony and salacious dossier, filled with falsehoods and a moving curtain of lies invented by the Russian FSB (AKA KGB), purchased with Clinton's $165,000 passed through a DNC Washington law firm to fool  FISA judges four times to bring innocent citizens to their knees and financial ruin.  A DOJ and FBI infiltrated by rogue high-ranking officials who were committed to doing anything in their power to change an election, and if that plan failed, they planned an "insurance policy" to have Trump impeached at worst or impeded and powerless at best.

If it's true that Putin had in mind using a Trump Tower in Moscow to boost his prestige and easing of tensions between our two countries as being mutually beneficial, then explain to me why, once Trump ratcheted up the sanctions on Russia, Putin did not either surreptitiously or obviously allow evidence to come forward that would be damaging to Trump if, in fact, Trump is a Putin puppet.

Like the jurors in the O.J. trial, except to opposite effect — who would not under any conditions, video included, with O.J. smiling and waving at the camera holding a bloody knife in his hands, have found him guilty — the MSM just choose to ignore the Mueller report because it didn't deliver the promise they thought had been made — and that they were so sure would be delivered.

As to immigration, the mantra is, "We need a president who builds bridges, not walls, who recognizes that immigrants built this country, and who understands that diversity and dissent are part of the fabric of our democracy."

Walls are what our houses are made of, not bridges.  Walls are what separate honest and law-abiding citizens from freeloaders, thieves, gang members, and drug-dealers.  Leave your door unlocked from now on if you really believe that, after all, a door is a kind of wall, isn't it?  The fabric of democracy is being rent by a "no border, everyone is welcome" policy.  Our American identity cannot survive a continuous and unabated wave of illegal aliens.  Is there a concrete number after which we can stop admitting them?  Ten million?  Twenty million?  Why not 50 million?  Why not just close up shop in Ecuador, and El Salvador, and some bordering Mexican states, and bring them all here?  When is enough enough?

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