Who's howling loudest about Assange's arrest? Try the Russians

Julian Assange's arrest at the Ecuadorian embassy Thursday has brought a lot of his supporters out of the woodwork.

Glenn Greenwald, who published some of the chief WikiLeaker's leaks and benefited journalistically for it, is one.  He got into a fight with his own buddies at NPR during an interview over the matter yesterday. 

Ecuador's former president, the anti-American socialist Rafael Correa, who tweeted to blast the arrest, is another.

Left unsaid in every news report is the fact that Correa's a fugitive for corruption and for selling his own country down the river to China, leaving it awash in debt in exchange for a junk dam that's falling apart.  He's the Chavista socialist who originally housed Assange in the embassy as his means of getting back at Uncle Sam.  He always hated Uncle Sam.  He's the son of an illegal alien who was deported from the States for dealing drugs and was educated in a sufficiently anti-American way at Bill Ayers's University of Illinois.  Obviously, he's not going to be happy if Assange talks to the feds about him, perhaps to keep his own prison term shorter.

Then there's the really crazy stuff, the output of the two Russian state propaganda organs that are intended to influence the West: RT News and Sputnik.  Both are positively turning on the crazy to defend Assange.

Notice the hysterical tone of this RT piece, intended to whip up sympathy for Assange:

Video shows whistleblower and Wikileaks co-founder Julian Assange being carried out of the Ecuadorian embassy in London by force, before being shoved into a police vehicle.

In exclusive footage from RT's Ruptly video agency, a disheveled Assange complete with full white beard is seen being carried out of the building by several men holding him by the limbs. 

Assange can be heard shouting "UK...must resist…" before his words are muffled as he is forced into a police vehicle. He will now be taken to Westminster Magistrates' Court. ...

Here are a few more RT headlines, intended to make the U.S. reaction look beastly.  Note that these are only a few, and the RT range of stories filed is massive:

Here's Sputnik, glomming off RT, attempting to smear Ecuador's current president with the last one, just for washing his hands of Assange:

MOSCOW (Sputnik) — The decision of Ecuadorian President Lenin Moreno to halt the asylum of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange in the Ecuadorian embassy in London and hand him over to the UK authorities had been partially motivated by benefits Moreno received in return, Ecuador's ex-President Rafael Correa told the RT broadcaster.

You can pretty well conclude that Russia's propaganda outlets don't like this arrest of Assange one bit.  They sound as though their ox is getting gored.  And they may have reasons.  There's been considerable speculation that the Russians were the source of the leaks that revealed so much about U.S. intelligence operations for the benefit of terrorists.  Assange is now claiming he was a "journalist," but journalists don't break into computers or reveal intelligence sources the way he did.  Spies, who play a dirtier game, and for keeps, do.  And a lot of people noticed that Assange never seemed to print any Russian secrets on WikiLeaks, despite the abundance of Russian hackers who might have supplied him.  There's been a lot of speculation about Assange's potential as a Russian agent over the years, and Assange's protestations about his sources being merely domestic leakers were hard to believe.  If they were domestic leakers, leaking massive troves of U.S. intelligence secrets, would the Russians really care?

It's also significant that RT is the only news outfit to have had a reporter on the scene in London when Assange was arrested, via RT News's Ruptly video branch.  Someone told RT to keep watch day and night on the embassy, suggesting that word got to the network from reports derived from intelligence leaks based on break-ins of Ecuadorian computers, that an arrest was coming.  I wrote about that here.

Funny how only RT was sure something was coming down the pike, sure enough to station a reporter to keep 24-hour watch at the Ecuadorian embassy.  The other news agencies weren't.  So only RT was ready because this was important to its people.

And now Assange is in Western hands, getting ready to face the music about his little intelligence break-in operation and facing a long prison sentence.  Might Assange sing?  Part of him is so fanatical, it's possible to think he won't. But at the same time, he was never as principled as he claimed to be about leaking information because the Russian stuff never got leaked. That points to him maybe being a Russian agent, and with more secrets to trade - the final ones, the ones that reveal his real agenda and paymasters.

And the Russians are acting very, very jumpy, going hogwild in their propaganda operations in fact, to discredit the arrest and get what looks increasingly like their man out of there and not talking. One almost wonders if the arrest maybe saved him from a mysterious car crash or a poisoning.

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