Trump confronts China with aircraft carrier bristling with F-35Bs

President Trump confronted China's effort to dominate the South China Sea by sailing the USS Wasp Marine Assault Carrier armed with up to 15 F-35B jump jets. Local fishermen uploaded video of the USS Wasp amphibious carrier on April 15 sailing near the highly disputed Scarborough Shoal reef about 140 miles from the Philippine mainland that Beijing forcibly seized in 2012, after an extended standoff with Manila.  The Obama administration diplomatically intervened, but the Chinese have been dredging and have continued block access to Scarborough Shoal's fish-rich lagoon. President Trump began confronting China by sailing the 4,500-ton USS Hopper destroyer to within 12 miles of Scarborough Shoal in January 2018. Filipino fishermen were stunned when the monstrous 844-foot USS Wasp, weighing 40,500 tons, came over the horizon.  They reported that the vessel, carrying a crew of 1,000 sailors, 1,600...(Read Full Post)
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