The anti-Trump left and the incredible uniformity of groupthink

Medical conditions, such as psychological disorders, all have a predictably reliable set of symptoms and traits.  For example, persons who suffer from narcissistic personality disorder all have exaggerated feelings of self-importance, an excessive need for admiration, a lack of empathy, and several other shared behaviors.  (Think Barack Obama, Michael Avenatti, Chris Cuomo, and their ilk.  Though Trump is often called a narcissist by the Left, he is not; he is extremely empathetic and extraordinarily magnanimous.)

Similarly, those who hold certain political views predictably share numerous characteristics.  Jed Babbin has a column at The American Spectator, "The Democrats' Fanaticism," in which he lays out the impenetrable Trump-hatred of the Left.  Leftists are unable to give up on the Trump-colluded-with-Russia meme they have relied upon to destroy the presidency of Donald Trump.  They are obsessed, unable to address any other issue that requires their attention.  They cannot accept the Mueller Report's conclusion that there was in fact no collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.  Babbin quotes Churchill:  A fanatic is one who can't change his mind and won't change the subject.  That perfectly describes the Democratic Party of today.  What is interesting is the how much in lockstep are the political views these people have in common. 

The people who are convinced Trump has no business being president, no matter how successful he has been in spite of their nonstop attacks, are the same folks who are convinced that we, humanity at large, are a blight upon the planet and causing global warming.  Climate has indeed changed constantly, but, in their quest to control how we all live, leftists are certain that we, especially Americans, are responsible for a slight rise (or drop) in temperature here and there.  These are the same people who have embraced the notion that sex is fluid!  It is not.  Yes, gender dysphoria exists; it is a mental condition.

The same people who hate Trump believe in the hoax of global warming and are letting small children "choose" their sex.  A trans child is the latest celebrity accessory.  To those on the other side of such nonsense, this is child abuse, especially when children as young as eight are given over to doctors who begin hormone treatments that will likely ruin their lives.

Who are those who think speech one disagrees with is a form of violence?  The very same people.  They believe that conservative speakers should not be welcome on college campuses because their words might make students feel unsafe.  They openly oppose the free speech guaranteed by the First Amendment.  These are the same folks who think people should be able to use the restroom of the sex with which they "identify."  Thus, a teenage boy who feels like a girl must be allowed to shower with the girls after gym class.  If that makes those girls uncomfortable, too bad.  Their discomfort is politically incorrect.  Only the feelings of the trans person matter.

And then there is abortion; this cabal of group-thinkers now advocate for abortion up to and after birth.  Every Democrat candidate who has thrown his hat in the ring embraces this horrific position and several other of these far-left positions that just ten years ago would have been unthinkable. 

Most prominent among these people's convictions is that what matters most about a person is his skin color.  The civil rights heroes of the 1960s are likely spinning in their graves at the Left's newfound reverence for segregation: segregated graduations, segregated college dorms, and the diktat that "all lives matter" is a racist phrase that if uttered must be retracted.

As night follows day, they believe that all religions are evil except Islam.  Islam must be respected, its intolerance tolerated.  While they weighed in heavily on the murder of fifty Muslims at a mosque in New Zealand, Hillary Clinton and Obama could not bring themselves to call the victims of Islamic terrorists in Sri Lanka what they were: Christians.  They were "Easter worshippers."  Christianity is under siege all over the world by the fiercely secular left.  Christians were virtually wiped out in the Middle East under Obama's watch, and he had little to say about it.  He offered them no escape.  He brought thousands of Muslims here and left the Christians to fend for themselves.  "People are never so completely and enthusiastically evil as when they act out of religious conviction" (Umberto Eco).  And yet the Left demands undying respect for all Muslims and disparages Christians, while it is Islamic terrorism that is the world's most dire threat to peace.

Not surprisingly, the very same people declare that we must have open borders and welcome all comers into the country, no matter their intent, their needs, and their expectations.  They do not care about the damage done to towns, cities, and neighborhoods that have been inundated by illegal aliens who have no intention of assimilating; leftists insist that it would be racist to expect them to speak English or respect our laws.  Judges here and in Europe let rapists go free because "rape is part of their culture."  Still, our leftists invite them in but they do not want these migrants, or those from the rest of the Third World, in their neighborhoods.  They just want them to be able to vote Democrat.  A one-party state, California has been virtually destroyed because it is run entirely by people who share this list of opinions and who enact these failed policies.

California universities, like most colleges across the nation, are just laboratories for the strict indoctrination of all the -isms addressed above: anti-Trumpism, catastrophic warmism, fluid genderism, the primacy of transgenderism, racial/identity victimhood, etc.

And for the Beltway left, the reason they loathe President Trump?  It all comes down to class.  They cannot accept a man, such a successful man, who they feel is not of their elevated, superior class.

They, these leftists, passionately believe they are better than the rest of us.  They should not have to suffer our opposing views on all things political, cultural or faux scientific.  Nor should they have to endure a president not of their choosing.  They deplore Trump's supporters as much as they abhor him.  But the Left should remember that "Patriotism is usually stronger than class hatred and always stronger than internationalism" (George Orwell).

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