'Easter worshippers'?

Christians are the world's most persecuted minority worldwide, according to Dennis Prager, and the monstrous terror attack in Sri Lanka during Easter Sunday morning masses by Muslim terrorists was a perfect illustration of this increasingly hideous trend.

On the Left, that's less horrifying than it is embarrassing.  They don't like Christians to start with, and they've since gone a long way to coddle Muslim extremists, too.  Having to acknowledge that Christians are in peril might just mess up some of their favored 'narratives' about white supremacists or other bad apples in their book. Or, it make just someone in flyover country identify with the victims.  Can't have that. 

It's gotten so bad they are now trying to deny Christians their consciously chosen designation as Christians.  In Sri Lanka, most Christians are self-chosen converts. Elsewhere, people also identify themselves as Christians proudly.

President Obama's consoling tweet to 'Easter worshippers' rather than 'Christians' murdered by Muslim terrorists at three Catholic cathedrals' Mass was the first such identity denial I saw, and it might have been dismissed as just a fumbling choice of words if he was the only one doing it.

But right on schedule, in coordinated JournoList-grade lockstep wording, multiple prominent Democrats jumped with that weird 'Easter worshippers' phrase to refer to the victims, too.  Together, with those mechanically same wordings, those talking points, they sounded as though they were out to create 'a narrative' for the press to parrot about Easter worshippers, and never mind that they were Christians, murdered in cold blood by Islamist terrorists.  Look at some of these tweets:


Pacific Pundit has a much longer list containing even more Democrats who were doing it here.

That's creepy stuff, given that the term is rather strange, sounding almost as though Christians worship Easter rather than Christ, even though it is possible it was not meant that way.

What was almost certainly going on was a bid to deny Christians their identity, because Christianity is embarrassing to them.  For them to have to admit that Christians are being specially singled out for killings by Muslim terrorists is a bridge too far for these establishment Democrats who thrive on Muslims being the 'real victims' in whatever 'something' that 'some people did' and might force them to admit they were wrong all along about the religiously motivated warfare of the Islamist terrorists.  Admitting that has too much political cost for them, given that their mission now is to prop up local Islamist political crazies such as Rep. Ilhan Omar, who can't be criticized for any reason.

Here are three tweets that try to slap sense into these people.

These tweeters know the score.  One can only hope the voters are on to them, too.

Image credit: CBS News, with BBC News via shareable YouTube screen shot.