So much for those economic 'experts'

Why are the so called “experts” so consistently wrong about their economic predictions before and after Trump is elected? Is it because they aren’t experts? Is it because they are stupid? Or is it because they choose to intentionally mislead and indoctrinate the public, as they do on so many other things, because they want Democrats in power?

We have today's Gross Domestic Product numbers clocking in at 3.2% growth and a lot of experts didn't see that coming. I see something, though - and it's not just the number, it's media bias.

Before Trump was elected, experts such as Paul Krugman and Mark Zandi predicted we would have an economic collapse if Trump became president. They were 100% wrong that time, so why are they still used as sources for anything since? That is like using serial liars James Clapper, John Brennan, James Comey and Adam Schiff as experts who have something to pin on President Trump.

The experts predicted Trump’s trade policies would greatly harm the economy and cause disastrous inflation. The experts were 100% wrong as imports and exports have both gone up substantially and import prices have been very stable.

We were told during President Obama’s miserable eight years, where we had the slowest economic recovery in seventy years, that below-2% growth was the new normal. They were 100% wrong. This is a matter not of economics, but of liking Democrats in power. That's why they refuse to admit that massive regulations and high taxes reduce productivity, reduce purchasing power, and reduce potential growth. These are very simple concepts, so it appears that the experts choose intentionally to mislead the public. President Obama said, with abject ignorance, that it would take magic to bring back manufacturing jobs when all it took was the good economic policies and the common sense of Trump.

We were told repeatedly that the tax cuts only benefitted the rich. The lies were so intentional and repetitive that most of the public, in polls, don’t believe they got a tax cut even though almost everyone did. Indoctrination is very dangerous to our freedom and prosperity, but a significant number of supposed news stories today consist of indoctrinating the public with Democrat talking points instead of the truth.

History -- recent history, demonstrates conclusively that tax cuts fuel economic growth. Presidents Bush and Reagan made across the board tax cuts and the result is the same that we see today: economic growth up and government revenues increasing rapidly -- after the tax cuts -- due to all the economic growh. So why do the bureaucrats at CBO and other supposed experts refuse to recognize the reality and dynamics of tax cuts and predict declining revenues? It's because they obviously understand that their bread is buttered by big government, almost giving them an incentive to be wrong in their predictions. Again, the concept is extremely simple. If individuals and businesses can keep more of the money they earn to spend, invest, or save, it is a more efficient and effective means of allocating assets and that is good for the overall economy. It's also good for almost all the people, than it is for the government to continually confiscate a greater share for themselves and trickle out the remainder to the private sector.

Throughout Trump’s presidency we have repeatedly been warned that a recession is coming and that the effects of the tax cuts will wear off. So far, the predictions have been 100% wrong.

In December and January, we were told how harmful the government shutdown would be to economic growth. Experts even made up numbers about how much it would cost. The experts again were 100% wrong as the economy sped up from the fourth quarter of 2018 to the first quarter of 2019 from 2.2% to 3.2% respectively. The stock market has also soared, and the rise began almost simultaneously with the start of the shutdown on December 24.

President Trump has a tremendous focus in getting the power and purse back to the American people by giving them and the economy the ability to thrive. The results have been fantastic for all minorities, races and sexes. Think of how much better the economy would be for everyone if he wasn’t fought every step of the way by Democrats and their mouthpieces posing as journalists.

I cannot think of one economic policy of President Obama or his vice president, Joe Biden, or any of the other candidates currently running for president that are meant or likely to help the private sector, or the economy as a whole. Every policy they are proposing makes the government bigger and more powerful, and makes more people dependent on government. The Green New Deal, free college, and free Medicare for all are especially destructive to the private sector and economy.

I would love to see the media, whose minions almost universally support Democrats, make a list of Democrat policies that are meant to help the U.S economy grow instead of make the government grow. I can’t think of any, and their move towards socialism would destroy our great country.

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