Raw, stinky progressive BS needs a reckoning

Reasonable citizens of our republic are frustrated.  They tire of progressive politics invading every simple moment, ruining things that used to be fun, injecting anger and politically correct nonsense where it should not go.  Sports, movies, school, award ceremonies, funerals — everywhere one looks, P.C. nonsense attempts to spoil it. Reasonable citizens are also discovering that their once trusted print or televised media has been lying big time.  Yes, Trump had something to do with this.  He called out the fake news!  But what about academia, social media, Hollywood, tech CEOs, and progressive mayors and governors of sanctuary/decaying cities/states?  Trump was merely the outlier candidate who dared call the emperor naked.  Like it or not, his audacious method won him the presidency. A snowballing litany of events is pushing citizens too far: Operation Fast and...(Read Full Post)
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