Pelosi: Trump is an 'existential threat to our democracy'

As the eldest sibling, I used to taunt my kid sister in all manner of petty and childish ways, until she opened her mouth to tattle — at which point I would accuse her of the very conduct I had been dishing out.  The more strident her outraged protests became, the more she convicted herself. House speaker Nancy Pelosi declared that the Trump administration is an "existential threat to our democracy." Quite aside from the fact that the United States of America is not, never was, and was never meant to be a democracy, Madame Speaker cites facts not in evidence — very conspicuously not in evidence. Following more than two years and millions of dollars wasted in a phony "investigation" of a crime that everyone in America knew had not occurred, Democrats have painted themselves into the ugliest corner in history. I suppose we can't blame them for trying to whistle past the graveyard on this.  What else can they do —...(Read Full Post)