Politics has taken the fun out of sports

Pro sports has gone political, meaning that pro sports has decided to hate on white people.  It's odd, that.  White people gave the world all the major sports, from the marathon to track and field to baseball to basketball to soccer to football to hockey to gymnastics to...  You'd think those who have prospered — the athletes, the coaches, the rest — would be grateful.

In 2017, Greg Popovich, white head coach of the San Antonio Spurs, stepped up to disrespect umpteen million white guys who weren't born tall and athletic, as he was, by saying we should be made to feel uncomfortable.  It's clear that Popovich has bought into the poor-me movement among black athletes, based on the assumption that all or most white people are racist.

Pop was assuming a whole lot that just isn't so.  Especially we millions of white basketball and football enthusiasts are — or used to be — the biggest fans of black people on the planet.  Blacks made sports vastly more entertaining with their amazing talents and skills and speed and quickness.  In return, we who lacked those abilities made them (and their coaches) very, very rich.

Pop didn't make us uncomfortable; he made us mad.  There was no need for him to inject politics into pro ball, yet, like so many liberals, he just had to preen and virtue-signal and abuse his privileged position by abusing the majority of his fan base.

People and players who behave like that are destroying sports.  They have taken the fun out of rooting for a player or team, because who can cheer someone who hates him?  We cheered by the tens of millions when Henry Aaron hit number 716 and when Dr. J introduced the slam dunk.  We all wanted to be like Mike.  We loved Venus and Serena.  We loved Steph and his three-pointers.  We cheered Kaepernick leading his team to a Super Bowl win — back before all this hate-the-white-man, hate-America business started.

There are white racists out there, but you'll find few among diehard sports fans.  Players and everybody else should have figured that out by now.  Sports does more to break down racial animus than perhaps any human endeavor but military service.  You love the guys on your side and learn to respect the guys on the other side.

Odd that so many of the pros never noticed that.  Some did: Larry Bird and the black guys he played with in French Lick — the cooks and waiters and busboys he's told us about — knew it.  We amateurs sweating it out in pickup games at lunchtime have long known it.

Dwyane Wade knows it.  I saw DWade in a TV game looking at a white fan who was berating him.  Wade didn't say a word — just stood there as that idiot fan berated him for still playing at his age.  Wade showed class.  He was conscious of setting an example for younger players and anybody (like me) watching.  You couldn't not love DWade as a man after seeing that.

But the spoiled ones in pro sport are turning off their fans.

If justice prevails, a day will come when nobody gets a huge contract to play a game.  Athletes will still do well, but not like today.  The guys playing when that day comes will feel rooked.  What about the guys they watched growing up, the ones who signed shoe contracts coming out of college, who got fabulously rich for having fun doing what they most loved to do?

All that will be gone.

The reason will be that this generation of ingrates turned off the fan base by speaking of us as if we were unworthy of them.  All they had to do was keep their mouths shut, but they were too cocky and self-important to do that.  They did in their realm what arrogant elites always do: rubbed it in our faces that we're not as good as they.

That day may come, and we will finally have had enough.