Pelosi: Trump is an 'existential threat to our democracy'

As the eldest sibling, I used to taunt my kid sister in all manner of petty and childish ways, until she opened her mouth to tattle — at which point I would accuse her of the very conduct I had been dishing out.  The more strident her outraged protests became, the more she convicted herself.

House speaker Nancy Pelosi declared that the Trump administration is an "existential threat to our democracy."

Quite aside from the fact that the United States of America is not, never was, and was never meant to be a democracy, Madame Speaker cites facts not in evidence — very conspicuously not in evidence.

Following more than two years and millions of dollars wasted in a phony "investigation" of a crime that everyone in America knew had not occurred, Democrats have painted themselves into the ugliest corner in history.

I suppose we can't blame them for trying to whistle past the graveyard on this.  What else can they do — tell the truth?

The truth places most of the Obama administration, Hillary Clinton, and many Democratic Party leaders in federal prison for wholesale election fraud and sedition.  The truth is, as we've known it all along, that the only election-tampering that occurred in 2016 was perpetrated by the Democrats in a desperate effort to keep Donald J. Trump out of the White House.  Everything they've screamed about since then has been a brazen attempt to hang Trump for the crimes committed by his opposition.

Clearly, the truth won't serve.

The trouble with continuing to lie is that they're running out of lies to throw at this president.  If the Democrats launched into the month of May charging President Trump with murder, would anyone at this point be surprised?  It's about the only crime they haven't accused him of already.  Today, they're settling for the charge du jour: being an existential threat to democracy.

In what way is President Trump a danger to our nonexistent democracy?  Has he threatened to tear up the Constitution, as Democrats have done and continue to do?  Has he violated someone's rights, as the Democrats have done and continue to do?  Has he deprived someone of a civil liberty, as Democrats do daily?  We keep hearing this inflammatory rhetoric, but it's like an urban legend.  It's always an unnamed, unspecified, unphotographed, unvetted "something" that occurred to a brother of a friend's cousin.

Well, to be fair, Democrats have asserted one particular right President Trump has violated, affecting millions of people: the "right" to cross our borders, enter our country, and remain here illegally.  But the problem with that is, there's no such right.  Nor should there be. 

Ironically, those who assert that America has no right to secure borders are an existential threat to our republic, because without a border, you aren't a country.  If you're not a country, what are you?

So while Madame Speaker practices her histrionics for the cameras, we are treated to another psychosis whereby Democrats charge Republicans with crimes committed in reality by Democrats.  It's become a favorite tactic of the Left: accusing us of doing what leftists themselves are doing.

It's like an elder sibling torturing his kid sister for sadistic laughs, except when your brother taunts you, there's no chance that his jibes will burn your house down.  The Democrats are setting fire to America.  Because they would rather burn down your house than lose another election.  Is that strong language?

Consider: Democrats are willing to ascribe unspeakable crimes to a man they knew to be innocent, just because they needed a leftist ideologue in his job.  They are willing to demolish our electoral system — the worldwide standard of fair and balanced elections — by rampant fraud until we draw derision from banana republics.  They are willing to sabotage wars just to acquire leverage against an opponent, as they did in Iraq and Afghanistan.  They are willing to watch law enforcement officers executed in the streets just to push a false narrative of racial injustice.  They are willing to do whatever it takes, pay whatever it costs, to perpetuate their delusional ideology.

Speaker Pelosi fretting on national television about existential threats to America is too much like Nikita Khrushchev complaining that those ungrateful mobs in Budapest got blood all over his shiny tanks.  Her opportunistic posturing was never amusing, but now it's taken on a deadly edge.  Americans are getting hurt, getting killed, over this fantasyland nonsense.

When will Americans decide enough is enough, that governing by mass hallucination can't work, and finally put an end to the farce the Democratic Party has become?

Image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr.