How can Democrat presidential candidates bow so deeply to Al Sharpton?

When you look up to Reverend Al, you are actually looking down — way down — assuredly if you include morality and human decency in your perspective.  Yet those who have chosen to make themselves the frontline lemmings in the Democrats' race for the cliff of political extinction all feel some compulsion to kiss the ring of this professional race-baiter, riot-inciter, and perpetual tax cheat in order to bring in the black vote.

I believe I hold a higher opinion of American blacks than these opportunistic Democrat nomination-chasers.  I happen to think there are many blacks who clearly see Al Sharpton for the bone-deep dishonest, professional charlatan he is, and has been since the first time his bloated, Marcelled mug graced America's television screens, at the time he was in the process of inciting riots that took the lives of several New York Jews.

Or hymies, as Reverend Al labeled them.

Think about that for a moment — this is the man to whom Democrat presidential contenders feel obligated to pay their deference — this schemer, this scammer, this man who epitomizes the term scoundrel in his political activities and criminal in those financial.  Reverend Al is a very bad dude, not so much in the sense of being a mortal threat, but in the moral sense that the man lives a corrupt existence that contaminates everything he touches.

That is precisely why I am totally mystified by the Democrat candidates dutifully lining up to kiss his decadent digits and wash his fetid feet.  What does that say about the lot of them?  Most assuredly nothing commendable — far from it, being more a clear demonstration of their soulless willingness to sell themselves to a racist devil who made himself into a liberal deity with every uprooted racial truffle his searching snout could root out of the fertile soils of America's ethnic conflicts.

Am I, a white male observer of the political scene for many decades, equating Reverend Al to a pig?  You bet your butt I am — and it's nothing to do with race, but purely the man's propensity to stick his greedy, sometimes brutish snout into every racial crisis, major or minor, that he sees as an opportunity to feed at the trough of racial, cultural, and political slop.  He's always there, with his snuffling snout snorting his truly uninformed and ignorant pronouncements into the media megaphones in his limited command of our language.  His diatribes are largely ignored by those of us who correctly recognize Reverend Al for the ignorant, criminal boob he is, but they are strangely taken by Democrat politicians as oracular proclamations from this supposed Moses of Black America, thus necessitating their pilgrimages to gain his tainted, toxic blessing.

What does it say about Democrats as human beings when they abase themselves before such a despicable, contemptible race-baiter and think they are doing the right thing?  If they are seeking Reverend Al's benediction for their candidacies, will they be seeking his political and moral counsel in their presidencies, in the off-chance one of  these oblivious dupes should win?

God save us from such liberal idiocy.

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