How can Democrat presidential candidates bow so deeply to Al Sharpton?

When you look up to Reverend Al, you are actually looking down — way down — assuredly if you include morality and human decency in your perspective.  Yet those who have chosen to make themselves the frontline lemmings in the Democrats' race for the cliff of political extinction all feel some compulsion to kiss the ring of this professional race-baiter, riot-inciter, and perpetual tax cheat in order to bring in the black vote. I believe I hold a higher opinion of American blacks than these opportunistic Democrat nomination-chasers.  I happen to think there are many blacks who clearly see Al Sharpton for the bone-deep dishonest, professional charlatan he is, and has been since the first time his bloated, Marcelled mug graced America's television screens, at the time he was in the process of inciting riots that took the lives of several New York Jews. Or hymies, as Reverend Al labeled them. Think about that for a moment — this is the...(Read Full Post)
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