Rep. Dan Crenshaw should become the GOP House public point man on urgent reform of asylum law

The word has gone out (including via radio ads), not just to Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador, but to the entire world.  If you show up at the U.S. border with a child and claim asylum, even if you are simply seeking a better standard of living, you will be released after at most a brief detention and will be able to melt into the interior for years, never bothering to show up for your hearing scheduled years from now.  Unsurprisingly, a tidal wave of asylum-seekers is overwhelming the system, and potentially millions will show up to exploit this loophole.

Legislation is required urgently.  President Trump knows it, and so do the GOP House lackeys of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, who see their interests lying in an unimpeded flow of low-cost labor, as well as the Democrats who see their voters in the faces of the "migrants."  They need to be pushed by public pressure.  What's required is a sustained campaign to introduce and force the Democrat leadership to vote on a simple bill that would require asylum-seekers to wait for adjudication of their asylum claims outside the USA, even if they claim to arrive as a family.

Fortunately, Representative Dan Crenshaw, the most impressive freshman House member I have seen in a long time, is ideally situated to assume leadership in this P.R. campaign that is necessary to force the hands of the House Democrats.  Until I saw this tweet, I did not realize how fluent Crenshaw is in Spanish.  Even better, he makes his case cogently and persuasively, appealing to the majority of Hispanics who want immigration laws enforced.  Democrats would have a hard time standing up against pressure from U.S. Hispanics.

You may remember that Crenshaw leapt to national prominence when he deftly and graciously handled a nasty bit of criticism from a Saturday Night Live comedian, winning him over with his good humor in an appearance on the show the following Saturday.

Since then, he has handled all sorts of challenges with incredible skill.  Watch this, from last weekend, as he was called a "Nazi."

Graphic credit: Twitter video screen grab.

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