21 questions for Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders is running for president in 2020, and much of his campaign platform is devoted to his recently revised 2019 version of Medicare for All.  While his proposal is extremely generous, funding a one-size-fits-all program remains vague.  The summary on how to finance "Medicare for All" can be found on his Senate website.  Using the summary as a reference, I compiled a list of 21 questions: Which studies show that the U.S. will save $500 billion a year by moving to a universal health care system?  Please cite the source(s) for this claim. Regarding pharmaceutical drugs, which other countries match the United States on the same scale of research, development, and testing of new drugs? Other than China, India, and Russia, which country (more than 300 million people) has universal health care? Please show the calculation that proves that $3.9 trillion will be raised over a 10-year period by mandating a...(Read Full Post)
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