Tonight: A hard look at the soft coup

A compelling hour of intelligent television is in store tonight at 10 PM ET/PT on the Fox News Channel, Life, Liberty & Levin. The program will feature a discussion of the Mueller Report and the Deep State’s efforts to take down President Donald Trump with guests Sara A. Carter and John Solomon.

In a preview of tonight’s episode at Fox News dot com, the episode is described as the reactions of the host – Mark Levin – and his guests to the close of the Mueller investigation “and what should happen next.”

Mark Levin, John Solomon and Sara Carter Life, Liberty & Levin March 31, 2019

Tonight’s two guests, Sara Carter and John Solomon, are well-known to Fox News viewers. Carter has appeared scores of times on the channel and is a Fox News contributor. After a distinguished career as an award-winning international correspondent, she emerged in March 2017 as a probing investigative reporter in Washington, D.C. specializing in all things involving the Deep State’s hostile investigations into President Trump and his administration. She has become a regular on the #1 cable news program Hannity (M-F 9 PM ET). As Buck Sexton wrote about Carter when he interviewed her in July 2017, “She has been breaking stories left and right on surveillance, the Russia collusion investigation, and the Deep State. If you’re interested in what’s real and what’s not, she is a must-read.”

Sara A. Carter Source:

John F. Solomon is currently a vice president and an opinion contributor to The Hill. In the past, he was editor in chief of the Washington Times and before that he worked for the Washington Post and the Associated Press. Like Carter, Solomon's beat in recent years has been exposing the details of the soft coup against President Trump. He and Carter have written articles together, including for Circa News, and their work tends to complement each other’s. They often appear together on Sean Hannity’s program to break news.

John Solomon Source: The Hill

Fox News described their conversation with Levin tonight, which was recorded several days earlier:

Levin asked Solomon what President Obama knew during the time his Justice Department was seeking a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance warrant to spy on Carter Page, a member of the Trump campaign team.

“Is Barack Obama the only human being on the planet who didn't know anything [about the warrant to spy]?,”  Levin asked.

Solomon said Obama needs to be formally interviewed by the feds on what he knew and when he knew it. [emphasis added]

“Why wasn't [Obama] interested in Russian collusion before the election but [was interested] after the election?,” he asked.

Solomon said Hillary Clinton should also be interviewed to see how much she knew about the contact between former Wall Street Journal reporter Glenn Simpson and ex-MI6 spy Christopher Steele. Simpson, who worked at the time for opposition research firm Fusion GPS, reportedly worked with Steele to compile the disputed “Trump dossier.”

Carter added that Obama’s United Nations ambassador, Samantha Power, is not often mentioned in regard to the collusion case, but that the Ireland native should be asked why she “unmasked” hundreds of individuals during her tenure.

Since its debut in February 2018, Life, Liberty & Levin has become one of the best programs on cable news television, consistently winning its time slot in numbers of total viewers. The weekly hour affords the host an opportunity to engage with one or two guests for the entire show, a rarity these days in the world of increasingly fast-paced and fragmented cable news television formats. The formula is simple, and refreshingly free of distracting electronic clutter: just Levin and his guest(s) in an informal studio setting sharing intelligent and engaging conversation.

Mark Levin on the set of his BlazeTV program

Levin is an attorney with significant expertise in constitutional issues. He is one of the country’s leading radio talk show hosts. He is also the author of five #1 New York Times best-selling nonfiction political books and the host of a nightly program on the BlazeTV Internet subscription channel.  In the 1980s, Levin was a top aide to Attorney General Ed Meese. Levin’s latest book, Unfreedom of the Press, will be published on May 21.

In recent weeks, a number of Mark Levin’s guests have provided riveting hours of television, facilitated by the host’s casual but well-informed and well-prepared, and refreshingly non-intrusive, style of Q and A. These have included Gen. Jack Keane, Sidney Powell, Paul Kengor, Heather MacDonald, Victor Davis Hanson, and Mollie Hemingway. Some of the guests are not exactly well-known household names, and Levin is to be congratulated for introducing the audience to a wide range of conservative thought leaders who are well worth our serious attention.

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