Honduran caravan migrant who called Mexican beans 'pig food' arrested on aggravated assault with a deadly weapon rap in Dallas

Offering unvetted immigration into the U.S., the massive migant caravans inundating our southern border now are natural magnets for criminals.

Exhibit A is that of "Lady Frijoles," the ungrateful Honduran migrant going by the names Miriam Celaya, Mirian Zelaya Gomez, and a few other variants, who last November famously screwed up her nose at the beans and tortillas Mexicans provided to caravan migrants free of charge in Tijuana as they awaited entry into the U.S. The caravan migrant, billed as one of the pitiful moms and kids of Democrat "narrative" told a DW video journalist the free offering was "food for pigs."

She got a lot of flak from Mexicans for that one, and then leveraged it successfully to slip into the U.S. illegally to make an asylum claim ahead of the other caravan migrants, claiming Mexican persecution. Zelaya then turned up in Dallas, proudly Instagrammed by family at a nice restaurant, fulfilling the media "narrative" about the importance of family reunification.

Things apparently didn't stay nice, however for the mom of two, who earlier said she was coming here to get free medical care for her special-needs daughter. She had some other priorities over her kid and she's now been booked for "aggravated ssault with a deadly weapon" in a Dallas jail, along with her undocumented immigant sister Mirna, apparently for assaulting what's been reportedly her own aunt, who had provided her with free housing.

The details remain sketchy, but that's some parenting. And it's some pattern of gratitude.

It gets worse: the two arrested illegals apparently have a sister here, named Ines, who posted an Instagram claiming that the assaulted aunt "got what she deserved," according to a report in El Sol de Mexico, a leading Mexico City newspaper:

What we see here is a pattern of criminality in just this one migrant, signalling that the problem is likely more widespread than the adoring 'moms and toddlers' narrative promoted in the press. If crimes of this sort can come from one random illegal migrant, how many others are going to be among them as Democratic congresswomen escort them in, and California's Gavin Newsom travels to El Salvador to sweeten the incentives to come illegally. Some of those moms are jail material, as this one, putting the welfare of their kids at some lower level than assaulting her aunt with a deadly weapon. Any questions as to the value of 'vetting' migrants?

Which raises the question again as to why we are letting such people into the U.S. The woman and her sister do have an immigration detainer on them, so assuming a judge doesn't dismiss the charges for that reason, or for the reason of her child needing expensive medical care here, they are likely to get thrown out at some point, after a long round of appeals.

The media (and the Catholic bishops, and the Soros-financed NGOs, and the vote-hungry Democratic pols) have made a lot of hay about the worthiness of letting in all comers to the U.S., starting with the likes of Zelaya. But the Lady Frijoles incident in Tijuana ought to have been a warning about the crime that was about to come from her. Now we are stuck with an illegal migrant who will become part of the $116 billion the U.S. spends on illegal immigrants, doing absolutely nothing productive for the country.



The left wants to import more of these people, and uses the caravans for this purpose, promoting sob stories. A look at this picaresque tale of a petty grifter out for free stuff and willing to engage in thuggery to get it for it ought to raise the case for a wall. 


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