Solving the public defecation dilemma

Seattle, San Francisco, Denver, and other bastions of the natural approach to social diversity are faced with a hygiene challenge that appears insoluble.  It is not.  We have already solved the identical challenge as we walk man's best friend! Liberal city councils in the metropolises mentioned above merely have to assign their progressive constituents the voluntary duty of following one person who fits the public pooping profile with biodegradable plastic bags at the ready.  Once the public pooper has deposited his expression of human rights and privileges, in steps our citizen-volunteer to claim the rewards of  a progressive civilization by ensconcing the fresh extrusion in a nice new transparent bag.  Imagine the sense of self-satisfaction, public solidarity, and social justice accruing to the progressive bleeding hearts! What better way to show off one's progressive credentials than having a one-on-one relationship...(Read Full Post)
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