Omar, Bernie, and Ocasio-Cortez decried for their fusty, outdated ideas on Venezuela — from the left

Yesterday's detention of Roberto Marrero, Venezuelan president Juan Guaidó's chief of staff, by the Nicolás Maduro dictatorship, drew bipartisan condemnation from both Republicans and Democrats.

Here's Nancy Pelosi on Twitter:

Here's secretary of state Mike Pompeo.

And we all know what President Trump thinks of the thuggery.  Florida Reps. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and Donna Shalala, and New Jersey's Sen. Bob Menendez, all tweeted similarly.  We all agree that Maduro is despicable.

USA Today called the entire stunt a kidnapping.  Even the press is onboard.

Then there are the outliers...the socialists who are so out of it that they're seeing pushback from the leftist press on something that's going to be painful for them when they hear about it.

The Sorosy Project-Syndicate site has a doozy of an essay decrying these avowed socialists, these hipsterly socialist "it girls" and objects of youthquake voting atttraction — as out of date.

Unfashionable.  Mr. Magoo-ey.  Outré.  Passé.  Didn't get the memo.  Embarrassing hayseeds...

Get a load of this brilliant piece by Schlomo Ben-Ami, who is a lefty himself, who reads these three like a bad lottery ticket and warns them that their parroty, off-the-shelf, generic, America-hating "narrative" on Venezuela is as stale as last week's milk left out to stink.  It's embarrassing to the other lefties.  This piece is deadly for their image of fashionable and out there as the cutting-edge progressives.

Here's his tease:

Much of the left in Europe and the US continues to subscribe to a Cold War worldview, in which virtually any domestic revolution stands in direct opposition to the ultimate enemy: Western imperialism.  When it comes to Venezuela, that stance effectively advances the interests of multiple dictatorships.

Here's his outline of the problem:

It is because of this failure that, until fairly recently, the most heinous — and long-lasting — insurgency in Latin America's history, waged by the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), had advocates in the European parliament.  Now, the story is repeating itself, with many Western leftists rejecting any international effort to push back against President Nicolás Maduro's disastrous leadership.

The scale of the disaster should not be underestimated.  Severe food and medication shortages are the new normal. The International Monetary Fund estimates that inflation will reach ten million percent this year.  The result is a desperate people, 10% of whom have already fled the country.  Among those who remain, 90% live below the poverty line.

A revolutionary delusion has collapsed, leaving behind only the tyrannical rule of a class of corrupt tycoons — effectively a mafia — that has purchased the military's loyalty with massive cash bonuses and lucrative oil-smuggling and drug-trafficking deals.  The mafia's opponents are repressed, often brutally.  In terms of the number of political prisoners, Maduro's Venezuela has joined the ranks of China, Cuba, and Turkey.

And then he takes square aim at Reps. Ilhan Omar and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, whose heads are filled with lefty university mush and true ignorance of anything else, as well as the biggest old dinosaur himself: socialist honeymooner Bernie Sanders.

Representative Ilhan Omar has warned of a "US-backed coup" aimed at picking a leader "on behalf of multinational corporate interests," and ignorantly defined the opposition as "far right."  (Guaidó is a member of a social-democratic party.)  Likewise, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez agreed that the large-scale, human rights-violating crisis is an "internal polarized conflict," and argued that the United States should not recognize Guaidó as head of state.

Senator Bernie Sanders, for his part, invokes America's dark history of interventions in Latin America when discussing Venezuela.  In the United Kingdom, Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn, who memorialized Maduro's mentor Hugo Chávez in 2013 for his "massive contributions to Venezuela and a very wide world," also opposes "outside interference in Venezuela."

These leaders subscribe to a Cold War worldview, in which virtually any domestic revolution stands in direct opposition to the ultimate enemy: Western imperialism.  By not recognizing the nuances of the current crisis, they end up effectively advancing the interests of multiple dictatorships, including those in Iran, Nicaragua, Syria, and Turkey, as well as the real colonial powers in Venezuela right now: China, Cuba, and Russia.

This is a major smack-down from the left side, and so well written THAT it's spread far and wide, featured in a coveted slot on RealClearPolitics Thursday.  People are reading it.  Its title?  "Maduro's Useful Idiots."  Read the whole thing.

Image credit: Lorie Shaull via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0.

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