Sharyl Attkisson asks the key question post-Mueller Report

When unraveling a whole cloth of lies, it is important to start pulling on the correct thread. Now that we know that the entire theory of Trump-Russia "collusion" cooked up by the Hillary campaign was a pure fiction, it is time to start inflicting the consequences on the miscreants.  But that's a process that could take time if and when A.G. Barr, or maybe U.S. attorney Peter Huber — commissioned by former A.G. Sessions to investigate possible FBI abuses — present evidence of criminality to a grand jury. In the meantime, there is some posterior-kicking, AKA public shaming, due.  And I think Sharyl Attkisson has identified the first targets in need of disgrace, especially because of where that disgrace will lead: If Clapper, Brennan, Rice, Power, Comey genuinely believed Trump "colluded" with Russia and he didn't, what does that say about the judgement of our one-time top intel types? — Sharyl...(Read Full Post)
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